Thursday, January 27, 2011

Predictions: 2011 Update

A few of the predictions which we made here at SHTF Times-Epitaph for the New Year have already occurred. Some of which could not have been foreseen just a few short weeks ago; except by US. All 15 of those Predictions are in the archives. Those five that have manifested already, while we are less than 30 days into the New Year follow.

1. Unthinkably, a Member of the United States Congress has been shot; as we twice warned. Fortunately, according to reports, Congress Woman Giffords is making a “miracle recovery”. Unfortunately, we do not believe that this attack represents the end of the violence in America, but only marks the beginning of it. Things will get much worse before they get better and the American people are going to hold the feet of their elected officials to the fire. There is a river of violence under the surface that will erupt like a volcano in an outburst of anger.
2. State and local governments have begun to cut programs and people, which will only exacerbate the unemployment, retirement, and fiscal problems; while transferring these problems from one group to another. It will not solve them.
3. Interest rates have already moved up and the general consensus is that inflation is revealing itself in commodity prices. Today, Saudi Arabia made a big purchase of wheat on world markets. SHTF America predicted a sharp increase in the price of wheat for some countries during the blazing Moscow summer.
4. Financial problems in Europe have been kicked like a can down the road, but they will surface again in a few months because the underlying causes have not been addressed. It’s a pay me now, or pay me later situation, but eventually the bill will come due.
5. Food riots have broken out in Africa as we predicted, (in Algeria), where demonstrators have demanded sugar; among other things to mitigate their poverty. These demonstrations have spread to other nations, including Tunisia and Egypt, also in Africa; and to nearby Yemen on the Arabian Peninsula.
Food riots In Algeria
The natives are restless all over the world because the PTB have exploited them too much and have given them too little in return. And like in America, the PTB will not hear the cry of the oppressed until it is their own blood on the streets of Cairo, or other world capitals.

This is because those that have, really do not want to share with those who have not. Watch what they do, not what they say. They talk a good game, like the American President, but lie through their teeth everytime they smile. When Obummer says he wants Americans to be "more competitive", what he means is that American labor rates must fall farther to compete with the Chinese who make $.40 per hour, more jobs must be shipped offshore, or given to Illegals, and your pension plan needs to be confiscated to pay the National Debt.

The PTB really do not want a system that would provide opportunity for the many in the hierarchy of needs, because they want to retain their position at the top of the pyramid. Pharaoh is as Pharaoh does and the people of the world are responding:
“No Justice; No Peace!”

Sound familiar? Check the other ten Predictions in the archives. It could prove to be a landmark year.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

America: Gang Raped By Congress

With the shooting attack on Congress via Congress Woman Giffords of Tucson Arizona, violence isn’t just predictable in American politics now; it’s obvious to a blind man. It will continue because the American people are the victims of an egregious financial assault that has continued for decades; yet the lame stream media blames the “vitriol” on raised levels of hateful speech and a climate of hostility on the left and right: a total distraction to camouflage the truth. And that truth:

The American people have been gang raped by their elected officials for decades.
United States Capitol Building

Hostility?  No, let’s not beat around the bush (how appropriate). Its hate! The American people by the many tens of millions have grown to hate their government! Not the government that our Founding Fathers gave us. Not the government of Jefferson, Jackson, Franklin, and Washington.
Americans have grown to hate the government of George Bush Sr., Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barak Obama: a group of New World Order globalists who have facilitated the transfer of the American means of production offshore, transferred the wealth of the American people to the gangster banksters, encouraged the invasion of the United States by 30 million illegals, while spending the American treasury into oblivion. The result is the bankruptcy of the nation, and the impoverishment of the American people.
When a free people are repeatedly fucked over by their elected officials decade after decade; officials who have a moral, ethical, and legal responsibility to represent them equitably to protect their rights under the US Constitution and preserve their economic security that they might pursue life, liberty, and happiness on a level play field; why would it come as a surprise to anyone that violence has broken out once more in American politics, or for that matter, fail to recognize that it will intensify?
The lame stream media and the political and financial elite have urged US to “come together” after the shooting of Congress Woman Giffords, but how can we “come together” when the disparity between the rich and the poor is greater than ever and the opportunity that once existed in America has been transferred offshore?
SHTF America believes the recent shooting in Tucson is just the beginning of a very violent era in America because the Powers That Be, have fucked the American people over and over and over again; and once too often. Now, for better or worse, it’s payback time. The Congress has enraged too many Americans; and it is going to get worse because Congress is totally out of touch and out of step with the American electorate, and even when they know what the electorate wants, they do what they want, and what the lawyers and lobbyists that bribe them want. The only surprise to SHTF America is that Washington DC is not burning, with Congress in session.
The Gangster Banksters have enraged too many Americans, as well. It wouldn’t surprise SHTF America if the CEO of a major investment bank was shot dead. Their crimes against the American people have been detailed in the many posts here, and widely known across America. Indeed the crimes of the gangster banksters are denounced every day across the Internet, we need not list them again. Check the archives if you do not know to what crimes we refer.

SHTF America recommends that these criminals enhance their security too. Yes, we believe they are criminals and the Gang of Four: Geithner, Greenspan, Paulson, and Bernanke, who have been complicit and have aided and abetted in these financial crimes against America, need to be in jail for malfeasance in office, if not treason.
SHTF America does not advocate violence, but we see it coming like a freight train that takes a very long time to stop once it gets started, and the first shots have been fired. In an irrational world, where the paid, elected, servants of the people consider themselves to be the master of the people, it becomes the rational thing to do for the angry, disposessed, disillusioned, and disenfranchised. The United States has had a civil war over race. The next one is about our personal liberties and economic justice, if the direction of the American government cannot be changed by the Tea Party Movement.
SHTF America doesn’t say that to advocate violence. We say that as an observer of the SHTF Times in which we live, and it is as obvious to US as the nose on the end of our face. Look at it this way: If a woman was gang raped by 535 guys who fucked her incessantly until she was almost comatose, do you think that woman, if she could escape her captors, would find the most lethal weapon possible, return to the scene of the crimes, and shoot each one of those bastards at point blank range?
Shoot? No, she would empty the gun on each one of them. Then she would reload and keep shooting until they were all dead. Who is guilty? Who is responsible for the violence? The woman?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Shots Heard 'Round The World

The Second American Revolution is now fully underway. As predicted by SHTF America in its article:  Predictions: 2011 written Wednesday, December 29th 2010 in this column, a member of the United States Congress has been attacked; shot in the head at close range and now in the hospital in critical condition after surgery. It won’t be the last Congress person attacked, security or no security.

Congress woman Gabrielle Giffords of Tucson, Arizona, the primary target of the shooter, Jared Lee Loughner, was shot at a shopping center while attending a “Congress on the Corner” event along with nineteen others. Six were killed, including 9 year old Christina Taylor Green, an innocent bystander.
This despicable act, though tragic, comes as no surprise to SHTF America as we have voiced our expectations of violence on several occasions. There is massive, deep, and widespread hatred by the American people against Congress, and the blame for that “vitriol” falls squarely on the US Government. They have no one to blame for the violence but themselves.

The political and financial elite are and have been totally insensitive to the plight of the American worker, family, and taxpayer for decades, while they have lined their pockets with taxpayer dollars and financial incentives to benefit themselves. So it should come as no surprise to anyone that violence should manifest in America once again, and it will get worse. Consider the statement released by newly elected House Speaker John Boehner:
"I am horrified by the senseless attack on Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and members of her staff. An attack on one who serves is an attack on all who serve. Acts and threats of violence against public officials have no place in our society. Our prayers are with Congresswoman Giffords, her staff, all who were injured, and their families. This is a sad day for our country."
The part that readers should pay attention to is: “An attack on one who serves is an attack on all who serve.” At least he got that right. This senseless, violent attack which took the life of innocent bystanders, including a little nine year old girl, was an attack on Congress! We  predicted attacks on Members of Congress in our article, Where In The World Is Robspierre?, dated November 29th 2010, and it is here in the archives. 
Boehner was lucky it wasn’t him. He has been part of the problem. How can he be part of the solution? After all, he has been in Congress for decades while it has:
1. Spent the nation into bankruptcy, transferred the wealth of the American people to other nations by allowing a massive out-of-balance,  balance of payments deficit to surge month after month, year after year under the guise of “free trade”.
2. Transferred the American means of production offshore so that we cannot pay our national debt;
3. Off shored 42,400 factories and millions of American jobs during the Bush Administration alone.
4. At the same time, Congress has encouraged 30 million latino nationals to enter the US illegally to compete for American jobs against American citizens and taxpayers, while at the same time, making American taxpayers subsidize the education and housing of illegals with welfare and food stamps, of more than $300 billion every year in direct costs. Enough money to fund social security, medicare, and health insurance for the American people!
5. It has bailed out a criminal banking system that has raped the American consumer and home owners, with $800 billion of direct payments to cover their losses, and continues to bail it out to the tune of $100 billion every month via QE2. 
6. Americans must buy price-inflated prescription drugs while subsidizing Big Pharma who distributes the same prescription drugs with much lower prices around the world.
The list goes on, and on, and on. Economic and political injustice on a massive scale that can only be described as treason by our own elected officials; yet somehow Boehner is “horrified” by the violent attack on Congress woman Giffords. What do expect you dumb shit?! House Speaker Boehner, you do violence to the American people every day you serve.
Until there is blood on the streets of America, the Powers That Be never get the message. Now it is their blood. Will they get the message? Not likely. They will claim it was the act of a madman, on drugs; a loner, non-conformist, anarchist. We will not mention here the hundreds of tons of illegal drugs that the CIA flies into this country every year to distribute to the inner cities.
Hell, he was probably just a middle class American fed up with the crap that passes for legislation from Congress: legislation they don't even bother to read before imposing it upon US! This is not to advocate violence; but it helps to understand it, as blood on the streets of America is historical fact. One only needs to look at the Viet Nam War protests and the Civil Rights Movement to see the truth of that statement.
When a 62 year old grandmother with a .357 magnum blows Boehner away for taking away her retirement account, medicare, and social security; the next guy in the line of power will say, “It was a dastardly deed by a demented old woman who forgot to take her meds!” They will recess Congress, put the Flag at half staff, and let him lie in state while they puke out praise for a man who lives a double standard: one health insurance plan for him, another for the American people. One retirement plan for him, another for the American people.
Little Christina Taylor Green, only nine years old when her life was tragically taken from her, was born on 9/11. SAY WHAT? Yes, little Christina Taylor Green, only nine years old, was born on 9/11.

If this be the price that the innocent bear for America, what should be the price for the guilty?  

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Gecko Greed: The National Debt

There is a lot of buzz on the blogs these days about the United States National Debt which stands at $14.3 trillion and the fact that the Obama Administration is asking Congress to approve an increase in the debt ceiling to allow additional deficit spending. A lot of smoke but no fire. Just a case of the pot calling the kettle black as it has been primarily Republican administrations since Reagan that have increased the national debt the most, and most often. However, Obummer is clearly intent on catching up and overtaking them as quickly as possible. The American competitive spirit in action, no doubt.

It is commonly believed and commonly accepted that the United States can never repay and retire this astronomical debt. Maybe not: maybe not even in inflated dollars, and certainly not without a major change in our governments direction. But one also needs to look at the national debt in relation to the GDP and the ability of the borrower to repay, or increase its revenues. While the debt to GDP ratio has increased, the ability to earn has been curtailed due to the dismantling of the American means of production which has been transfered offshore to China and India.

That condition can be remedied, but that process will be painful to Americans as their purchasing power diminishes through inflation as "economic parity" between nations is pursued. Still, the most important point that the main stream economists (MSE) and main stream financial analysts (MSFA) and most importantly, the American people do not understand, is that this debt is not now, nor has it been intended since 1980, to ever be repaid.
That’s right! The national debt is not now, nor has it ever been intended since 1980, to be repaid. President Hu of China will be in the United States soon to reaffirm the New World Order of George Bush Sr. and the current game of Three Card Monte between Europe, America, and Asia to bolster confidence in investors to continue to buy US Treasuries as China does, and will continue to do.
The intention of our central bank, the Federal Reserve with its cartel of criminal member banks, is to push the size of the US debt far, far, far beyond our ability to ever repay, while gutting our production capacity; thus the loss of 42,000 factories and the jobs that went with them during the Bush Jr. Administration.

Federal reserve Building
The member banks of the Bankster Gansters, complicit with Big Brother and Big Business, use American taxpayer debt as free cash flow to transfer the American means of production offshore, where they can exploit cheap labor and increase profits far, far, far beyond their need to make a reasonable and significant profit.
It is “Gecko Greed”, a crack head financial high: an appetite that is insatiable and impossible to appease.
The final intent is to eventually bankrupt the United States, crush and oppress the American people with high taxation to meet that debt service, so that the American Republic will sell its soul to the New World Order, One World Government.

The intent is to crush the American economy, impoverish its great middle class, make them accept the dissolution of their Constitution and Bill of Rights BY REFERENDUM; and replace their liberty and freedoms from Nature’s God, with the New World Order Currency and the contract that comes with it; by wiping away and eliminating ALL American debt and eliminating taxes necessary to service that debt. That will be the "financial carrot" that the NWO will dangle in front of the American electorate to induce them to sell themselves into a bondage from which there is no escape! Hotel California American style!

Bribery has always been the most effective instrument of the NWO. When that fails they initiate wars to make the world safe for democracy, eliminate weapons of mass destruction, or eradicate terrorists in the name of peace and safety to protect unfettered capitalism.
This is why Illegals have been encouraged to invade the nation and why the Obummer Administration desires to make these Latino Nationals new Americans: new voters to usher in the North American Union as a prelude to the New World Order!
In India, Micro-finance, originally intended to lift recipients of these loans out of poverty, has been perverted, and now so overwhelms the poor that many are committing suicide to escape debt collection. This is the terror that a borrower faces, whether it is a few hundred dollars in India, tens of thousands of dollars on a credit card by an American consumer, state deficits in the many billions of dollars, or the US National Debt. It is a crushing strain on the borrower.

The American nation is at a crossroads, the proverbial fork in the road; where they can continue to accept the direction of the Federal Reserve and its criminal cartel of member banks, or revoke its franchise. The handwriting is on the wall. America must choose. Liberty or financial enslavement. Once the US Constitution has been dissolved, there can be no going back. Then it will be too late to preserve our freedoms.
It is past time to revoke the banking franchise of the FED as it has not served the interests of the American people or nation, it has not paid its franchise fees, and it has not followed the terms and conditions of its franchise agreement.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

DHS Cyber Squad

Happy New Year to all the guys and gals at the "Cyber Squad" to whom this website is assigned! Intelligence provided to SHTF America indicates that we have made your watch list! I appreciate the time you spend monitoring my site, reading my posts, and reviewing the comments I make at other sites under other names, including at SHTF Plan. I have tried to be entertaining as well as informative. It is heart warming to know how much you have enjoyed my posts, and that my government has SHTF America on their “watch” and “monitor” list. At least I know my government is listening to this citizen, if it is not listening to the masses.

I hope the intelligence that I have provided under “American Guns To Mexico” and “The Next War Is On Hold” has been helpful to you, other appropriate LEOS, and those with a need to know. I have tried to connect the dots for you when I can, including how the NWO is deliberately using the banks and illegal immigration to destroy OUR country. It is criminal in intent, purpose, and execution. You are all very bright. You can connect the dots I have provided for yourself.  I have no doubt that you are Patriots like I am, and have sworn to protect and defend the US Constitution, as I have.
Never forget that you work for the American government, and that the American government IS the American people, represented by their Constitution and Bill of Rights. The Obummer Administration is just that: a duly elected Administration whose responsibility it is to protect the American people by securing and ensuring their rights and liberties under that Constitution. It's appointed time is limited. If it deliberately fails to protect our rights, secure our liberties, seal our border, and preserve the American means of production to the physical and financial detriment of American citizens under that Constitution, then it is treasonous and therefore illegitimate.
When you support an illegitimate government and abridge our rights in your professional zeal to secure our safety, you defeat the very purpose for your existence. The Cyber Squad is an agent of the Obummer Administration, but it's first and primary obligation is to the US Constitution, not to any particular Administration. Consider that.

God Bless America! And, hey! Give my best to Nappy. I sleep better at night knowing she is in the chair, because as a former State Attorney General, I believe she will follow the Constitution, which is the basis for our laws.

Just keep her away from the kool-aid, ok guys?