Saturday, January 1, 2011

DHS Cyber Squad

Happy New Year to all the guys and gals at the "Cyber Squad" to whom this website is assigned! Intelligence provided to SHTF America indicates that we have made your watch list! I appreciate the time you spend monitoring my site, reading my posts, and reviewing the comments I make at other sites under other names, including at SHTF Plan. I have tried to be entertaining as well as informative. It is heart warming to know how much you have enjoyed my posts, and that my government has SHTF America on their “watch” and “monitor” list. At least I know my government is listening to this citizen, if it is not listening to the masses.

I hope the intelligence that I have provided under “American Guns To Mexico” and “The Next War Is On Hold” has been helpful to you, other appropriate LEOS, and those with a need to know. I have tried to connect the dots for you when I can, including how the NWO is deliberately using the banks and illegal immigration to destroy OUR country. It is criminal in intent, purpose, and execution. You are all very bright. You can connect the dots I have provided for yourself.  I have no doubt that you are Patriots like I am, and have sworn to protect and defend the US Constitution, as I have.
Never forget that you work for the American government, and that the American government IS the American people, represented by their Constitution and Bill of Rights. The Obummer Administration is just that: a duly elected Administration whose responsibility it is to protect the American people by securing and ensuring their rights and liberties under that Constitution. It's appointed time is limited. If it deliberately fails to protect our rights, secure our liberties, seal our border, and preserve the American means of production to the physical and financial detriment of American citizens under that Constitution, then it is treasonous and therefore illegitimate.
When you support an illegitimate government and abridge our rights in your professional zeal to secure our safety, you defeat the very purpose for your existence. The Cyber Squad is an agent of the Obummer Administration, but it's first and primary obligation is to the US Constitution, not to any particular Administration. Consider that.

God Bless America! And, hey! Give my best to Nappy. I sleep better at night knowing she is in the chair, because as a former State Attorney General, I believe she will follow the Constitution, which is the basis for our laws.

Just keep her away from the kool-aid, ok guys?

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