Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Third Way: The American Way

Today, AP writer Oliver Knox labeled the tea party movement as “arch-conservative” as if the Americans demanding less government, lower taxes, and a “government of the people, by the people, and for the people” were somehow, somewhere to the right of Genghis Khan. What a crock of SHIT!

That’s right, let’s not mince any words! It’s a crock of SHIT!

Sarah Palin- Voice Of The Tea Party Movement

The tea party movement, like the patriot movement, the militia movement, and the oath keepers movement, is a grass roots response from the American people to an oppressive government that is intrusive, overbearing, and unresponsive to a majority of the American people.

Forget for a moment that Big Brother has become part of a trilateral axis of evil in partnership with Big Business and Big Banking that has allowed the transfer of the American means of production offshore; and forget for a moment that irresponsible spending and mismanagement of the American economy has bankrupted the most wealth generating system in history.

Sign At Tea Party Rally

Consider ONLY that the current Obama Administration and similar administrations before it have FAILED to meet their Constitutional responsibility to protect it and the American people from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

How you ask?

Simple: It has allowed the invasion of the United States by 30 million nationals of a foreign power to infiltrate every nook and cranny of the United States at the expense and to the physical detriment of the American worker, taxpayer and family.

Illegals Crossing The Barett Ranch

This FAILURE has not gone unnoticed by the American electorate. We understand that OUR government has become self serving, self -indulgent, and enamored with who they are; not what they are supposed to be doing for US. The vanity of Nancy Pelosi is only exceeded by her incompetence as Speaker of the House, and the shameful admission that she and others are not reading the legislation that they pass and impose on US: malfeasance by any other name. 

Our duly elected representatives have a moral and legal obligation to represent US; conduct OUR business lawfully under the Constitution and not enrich themselves, or the special interests and lobbyists with whom they collude.

The intent of OUR government is to give these illegals Amnesty, make them " new Americans" and then dissolve America and the US Constitution into the North American Union with Mexico using the votes of these foreign nationals, who are primarily Mexican nationals, to do so. Treason. Simply treason! We have immigration laws on the books. These immigration laws need to be enforced and illegals sent home. Seal the border!

Simply put, the game is up for an inept Congress and treasonous administration. They have been unmasked and their Halloween party at the expense of the American taxpayer and family has come to an end. The American people are not going to allow the socialist left, or the fascist right, to dominate the political life of the United States anymore.

This Tuesday, November 2nd begins a NEW AMERICAN REVOLUTION. It is a second American revolution that will be 12 years in the making; but will culminate in a new burst, and a new breath of freedom for all Americans. Praise God!

What is good for the American worker, taxpayer, and family is good for America. Eradicate the G Flu: R1,D1,L1 !!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Afghanistan Has Drugs?

According to the Associated Press, President Hamid Karzi is complaining about Russian counter-narcotic agents participating in a US led NATO drug bust that also included Afghan troops. $56 million worth of heroin and morphine were seized in the raids on four drug labs. Intelligence for the bust was supplied by agents that report to Russian Drug Czar Viktor Ivanov, who is tasked with the interdiction of illegal drugs into the Russian Federation.

Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai

Karzai complained that the bust breached Afghanistan’s sovereignty because Russia participated in the raids. In truth Russia only provided two observers and the intel for the raids. Could it be that Karzai was miffed because the NATO raids likely encroached upon his brother’s illegal drug profits? He was clearly upset that the raids were conducted without informing the Afghanistan Government, saying:

"While Afghanistan remains committed to its joint efforts with (the) international community against narcotics, it also makes it clear that no organization or institution shall have the right to carry out such a military operation without prior authorization and consent of the government of Afghanistan.”

Afghanistan is the largest producer of heroin of the world, and narcotics are a big issue for Russia which has 2 million addicts. The Russians have been urging the U.S. to take action against Afghanistan drug labs, which process unrefined opium into heroin or morphine, and have taken their complaint public in recent weeks.
DEA Agents, NATO troops, a few Russian observers and three branches of Afghan Law Enforcement were included in the raids. Only the national government under Karzai was not briefed before the raids. Knowledgeable readers are aware of allegations against the President’s brother of being a major player in the Afghanistan drug trade and widespread complaints of corruption in the Karzai government. 

It is likely that his office was deliberately excluded from the intelligence loop.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Iran Update

SHTF America reported on Sunday, October 16th, 2010 that the Iranian Council of Ayatollahs had decided to make concessions to appease the West so that Iran could live to fight another day; while they secretly plot, plan, and evade detection until they surreptitiously resume building their nuclear arsenal at a later date. Associated Press reported it this way today, Friday, October 29th:

"AP VIENNA – Iran offered on Friday to negotiate with six world powers about its disputed nuclear program in a new bid to end growing concern that it could be used to produce weapons. The move, following a hiatus of more than a year, was anticipated in the wake of an invitation to the Iranian leadership last month by chief EU envoy Catherine Ashton and following repeated statements by Tehran officials that they were ready for talks."

Loading Fuel Rods In Iranian Nuclear Facility

All interested Parties should understand that Iran has decided to "come clean" for now to prevent its own destruction and give the US an opportunity to disengage from Iraq and Afghanistan. Once the US disengages, Iran intends to fill the power vaccum while it accelerates its own development with the intent to dominate the region economically, while quietly and secretly pursuing its nuclear weapons ambitions at a later date. Look for Ahmedineajad to moderate his hardline stance, or be replaced for now with another, and then re-emerge down the road after the Iranian nuclear arsenal is in place.

Make no mistake, this is a dangerous man.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Quake Update

The death toll has risen above 400 as survivors have begun returning to the affected area looking for relatives and finding bodies. Many victims will never be found because they have been swept out to sea. One mother lost her one year old child. The human dimensions to this tragedy are beginng to be felt.

A German representative on scene said the early warning buoy system worked just fine, contrary to earlier reports, saying that the quake struck too close, eliminating any possibility of warning. Causes and excuses will eventually be ironed out, as the grim reality for the locals continues in the search for their families, friends, and neighbors. Meanwhile Mt Merapi, 800 miles to the east continues to rumble, promising more quakes and eruptions for the region.

Indonesia Volcano - Mt Merapai

This quake and tsunami represents a Level Two SHTF America event. But try telling that to the locals. Life as they knew it is over. Again. 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Indonesia Quake

On Monday a 7.7 magnitude earthquake struck Indonesia along the SAME fault line as the 9.2 earthquake that struck in 2004 and created a monster tsunami which killed 250,000 people. Monday's quake also triggered a tsunami and appears to have activated the Mt Merapi volcano 800 miles east, as it erupted on Tuesday. Fortunately, and unfortunately, a few hundred people were killed between the volcano, quake, and tsunami.

Unfortunately, because people were killed. Fortunately, because less than 400 people are counted among the fatalities at this point in time. More than 20,000 people have been displaced by these events. Last year a 7.6 magnitude earthquake struck in the region; all events evidence that if you live on the Ring of Fire, you will get burned. Additional casualties will be forthcoming, no doubt, as bodies are recovered and identified.

What is particularly unfortunate and troubling, is that Germany had assisted Indonesia with deploying an early warning buoy system to monitor the area for tsunami warnings in 2008 to prevent Tsunami disasters in the region. By 2009 the system had fallen into disrepair and was not operating at the time of the latest quake, because of "inexperienced operators". Someone in the Indoneeisa government has failed it's citizens, and heads should roll.

There are implications for Southern California in these events we think, as the BIG ONE is only a matter of time, and a number of moderate quakes continue to strike the Northern Baja Region. At SHTF America we believe that these quakes are "loading" the matrix under Southern California.

Get out of Los Angeles.

Malfeasance In Office

Recently reports have surfaced that President Clinton lost the nuclear codes required to launch American missiles in the event of a first strike for about four months, back in 1999-2000. According to the BBC, Financial Times, and now AP, The former Chairman of The Joint Chiefs reports in his new book that an aide to the President could not locate the codes, which are checked and verified every month by the American military command, and then replaced with new codes every 90 days.

Former President Bill Clinton

Worse than the incompetence by the aide designated to carry the codes and the President himself who is responsible for these codes to protect America from attack, or at least retaliate in the event of an attack, is the cover up that continued for almost four months while America's defenses and the American people were at risk. It was only after the new codes that are installed every ninety days were changed and submitted to the President, that America had a nuclear deterent in place.

Maybe the President was too busy with another "Monica" to pay attention to his duties. Mr. President, do you have an answer to this allegation posed by the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs?