Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Malfeasance In Office

Recently reports have surfaced that President Clinton lost the nuclear codes required to launch American missiles in the event of a first strike for about four months, back in 1999-2000. According to the BBC, Financial Times, and now AP, The former Chairman of The Joint Chiefs reports in his new book that an aide to the President could not locate the codes, which are checked and verified every month by the American military command, and then replaced with new codes every 90 days.

Former President Bill Clinton

Worse than the incompetence by the aide designated to carry the codes and the President himself who is responsible for these codes to protect America from attack, or at least retaliate in the event of an attack, is the cover up that continued for almost four months while America's defenses and the American people were at risk. It was only after the new codes that are installed every ninety days were changed and submitted to the President, that America had a nuclear deterent in place.

Maybe the President was too busy with another "Monica" to pay attention to his duties. Mr. President, do you have an answer to this allegation posed by the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs?

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