Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Indonesia Quake

On Monday a 7.7 magnitude earthquake struck Indonesia along the SAME fault line as the 9.2 earthquake that struck in 2004 and created a monster tsunami which killed 250,000 people. Monday's quake also triggered a tsunami and appears to have activated the Mt Merapi volcano 800 miles east, as it erupted on Tuesday. Fortunately, and unfortunately, a few hundred people were killed between the volcano, quake, and tsunami.

Unfortunately, because people were killed. Fortunately, because less than 400 people are counted among the fatalities at this point in time. More than 20,000 people have been displaced by these events. Last year a 7.6 magnitude earthquake struck in the region; all events evidence that if you live on the Ring of Fire, you will get burned. Additional casualties will be forthcoming, no doubt, as bodies are recovered and identified.

What is particularly unfortunate and troubling, is that Germany had assisted Indonesia with deploying an early warning buoy system to monitor the area for tsunami warnings in 2008 to prevent Tsunami disasters in the region. By 2009 the system had fallen into disrepair and was not operating at the time of the latest quake, because of "inexperienced operators". Someone in the Indoneeisa government has failed it's citizens, and heads should roll.

There are implications for Southern California in these events we think, as the BIG ONE is only a matter of time, and a number of moderate quakes continue to strike the Northern Baja Region. At SHTF America we believe that these quakes are "loading" the matrix under Southern California.

Get out of Los Angeles.

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