Thursday, October 28, 2010

Quake Update

The death toll has risen above 400 as survivors have begun returning to the affected area looking for relatives and finding bodies. Many victims will never be found because they have been swept out to sea. One mother lost her one year old child. The human dimensions to this tragedy are beginng to be felt.

A German representative on scene said the early warning buoy system worked just fine, contrary to earlier reports, saying that the quake struck too close, eliminating any possibility of warning. Causes and excuses will eventually be ironed out, as the grim reality for the locals continues in the search for their families, friends, and neighbors. Meanwhile Mt Merapi, 800 miles to the east continues to rumble, promising more quakes and eruptions for the region.

Indonesia Volcano - Mt Merapai

This quake and tsunami represents a Level Two SHTF America event. But try telling that to the locals. Life as they knew it is over. Again. 

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