Friday, October 29, 2010

Iran Update

SHTF America reported on Sunday, October 16th, 2010 that the Iranian Council of Ayatollahs had decided to make concessions to appease the West so that Iran could live to fight another day; while they secretly plot, plan, and evade detection until they surreptitiously resume building their nuclear arsenal at a later date. Associated Press reported it this way today, Friday, October 29th:

"AP VIENNA – Iran offered on Friday to negotiate with six world powers about its disputed nuclear program in a new bid to end growing concern that it could be used to produce weapons. The move, following a hiatus of more than a year, was anticipated in the wake of an invitation to the Iranian leadership last month by chief EU envoy Catherine Ashton and following repeated statements by Tehran officials that they were ready for talks."

Loading Fuel Rods In Iranian Nuclear Facility

All interested Parties should understand that Iran has decided to "come clean" for now to prevent its own destruction and give the US an opportunity to disengage from Iraq and Afghanistan. Once the US disengages, Iran intends to fill the power vaccum while it accelerates its own development with the intent to dominate the region economically, while quietly and secretly pursuing its nuclear weapons ambitions at a later date. Look for Ahmedineajad to moderate his hardline stance, or be replaced for now with another, and then re-emerge down the road after the Iranian nuclear arsenal is in place.

Make no mistake, this is a dangerous man.

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