Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Predictions: 2011

      1. Three nations exit the European Monetary Union in a desperate attempt to save it. It works, with an amended agreement and stiffer regulations. Iceland sends its former Prime Minister to jail for his role in its financial collapse. Other finance ministers are under the “gun”.

2.   North and South Korea go to war after their war of words turns tactical. Seoul is destroyed, the North Korean Military annihilated by American missiles.

3.   Mortgage Mess 2 begins, or continues, according to your perspective, depressing housing prices even further, and generating more foreclosures. Helicopter Ben uses QE3 and QE4 to shore up major bank reserve balances to cover additional financial losses.

4.   More gangster banksters are indicted and go to jail for securities fraud.

5.   Ron Paul exposes the Federal Reserve ponzi scheme that has destroyed the American economy and transferred American wealth to China. Major CEO’s are arrested in pre-dawn raids and are paraded before the public. The crowds chant “crucify them, crucify them”!

6.   Secret government documents are released that show president’s Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obummer are complicit in the conspiracy to dissolve America and the US Constitution into the North American Union as a prelude to a New World Order, and One World Government. Eventually, three go to jail for treason, one commits suicide.

7.   A new financial scandal exposed in Congress prompts physical attacks on its members as enraged citizens form “Star Chambers” and a “Constitutional People’s Court” at the state and local level to make examples out of the most corrupt elected officials.

8.   Massive government layoffs occur at the state and local level, as taxpayers revolt against additional taxes while Republicans refuse Obummer’s request for state and local financial bailouts for fear of their constituents.

9.   Demonstrations against illegal immigration intensify as taxpayers recognize the financial burden Illegals impose on the American worker, taxpayer, and family; and understand that this has been another scam by Big Brother to disenfranchise the middle class and impose the North American Union upon America. More Illegals go home but are not welcomed by their government who must feed them. Mexico asks the US for AID.

10.  End of year inflation reaches double digits when food and fuel are included in the stats.

11. Left wing Democrats, not wanting to be swept from power in 2012, craft a strategy to replace Obummer as their leader and Presidential candidate in a desperate bid to make room for Hillary to run against Palin, who the Democrats perceive as the strongest Republican presidential candidate for her ability to reach the independent voters who want “less government, lower taxes, and financial responsibility”.

12. Interest rates jump in the fourth quarter to quell rising consumption and inflation fears as consumers begin to “prep” or horde "en mass" against higher food prices, feared shortages and disaster in 12/21/2012. A toilet paper shortage develops.

13. Floods, hurricanes, drought, and disease kill millions of poor, sick, and elderly around the world. Hunger is widespread; riots in Africa for food and medicine.

14. Parts of Europe that come under threat of revolution face police-state crack downs. Illegals are deported as it is understood that “assimilation” is not possible and the great experiment has failed.

15. China uses more than 3 billion plastic bags per day next year, in 2011.

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