Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Magic: Jesus Christ Superstar

Whether you personally believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God: the Word of God made flesh, come to dwell among us and redeem us from our sins, or not; it doesn’t matter. The world believes. It celebrates His birth, death, and resurrection every year, and has for almost 2000 years. During this holiday season it celebrates His birth. Tens of thousands of believers will make the pilgrimage to Bethlehem of Judea to honor Him.

Jesus is the reason for the season: a baby wrapped in swadling clothes, lying in a manger, because there was no room for them in the Inn. He was adored by shepherds, angels, and wise men bearing gifts for the newborn King. They gave him physical gifts that symbolized the wealth of this world. He gave US an understanding of wealth in the next. He came to US as a baby and left as the Messiah; fulfilling His destiny and changing ours. He reconciled creature to Creator and gave US a new understanding of the relationship between ourselves: each to the other. Glory to the new born King!

This is a magical time of year when the most glorious hymns that celebrate His birth ring out from our Churches; and fill our hearts with joy, good will, and hope. Is there any music more beautiful and inspiring as a Christmas Carol that heralds His coming? For those of you who do not believe in Jesus Christ, but still believe in magic, Santa Claus, or Grandfather Frost, understand what magic truly is:

It is the Manifested Action of God In Creation.
Christ was such a manifestation of God in creation; as much as the trees, the sea, and the stars. He was just like US, which is why it really does matter whether you believe or not. Jesus will have a personal relationship with you; a relationship that will grow, then sustain, and enlighten you depending upon the time and sincerity you invest in that relationship. He was just enough man to understand our predicament in the flesh, and more than enough aware of His own identity as a Spiritual Being, to lend His assistance to US and show US the way.
As someone who has been out of the body and in the Spirit, and face to face with this Spiritual Being, Jesus, I can testify to you that He is real, that He is the Living Word (Authority) of God, and that He died for our sins. I can testify to you that He took upon Himself the sins of this world because I was allowed to experience, His experience, if just for a nano second.

It was not an experience that I would want to repeat again, I promise you, which is why I no longer meditate upon the mysteries of the faith in my quiet time. For now I am content to be a believer based upon my personal encounter with Christ. My experience of His experience was for just a split second, but His experience on that cross lasted for three hours: which is why He is the reason for this season, and why we celebrate His birth.

He is the Light of the World in its darkest hour, and He will be the Light in yours. Don’t believe what I say, seek Him for yourself. Wise men still seek Him. Seek, seek, seek. Knock, and the Door will be open to you.

Peace on earth to all men and women of good will. Merry Christmas to you all!

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