Thursday, January 6, 2011

Gecko Greed: The National Debt

There is a lot of buzz on the blogs these days about the United States National Debt which stands at $14.3 trillion and the fact that the Obama Administration is asking Congress to approve an increase in the debt ceiling to allow additional deficit spending. A lot of smoke but no fire. Just a case of the pot calling the kettle black as it has been primarily Republican administrations since Reagan that have increased the national debt the most, and most often. However, Obummer is clearly intent on catching up and overtaking them as quickly as possible. The American competitive spirit in action, no doubt.

It is commonly believed and commonly accepted that the United States can never repay and retire this astronomical debt. Maybe not: maybe not even in inflated dollars, and certainly not without a major change in our governments direction. But one also needs to look at the national debt in relation to the GDP and the ability of the borrower to repay, or increase its revenues. While the debt to GDP ratio has increased, the ability to earn has been curtailed due to the dismantling of the American means of production which has been transfered offshore to China and India.

That condition can be remedied, but that process will be painful to Americans as their purchasing power diminishes through inflation as "economic parity" between nations is pursued. Still, the most important point that the main stream economists (MSE) and main stream financial analysts (MSFA) and most importantly, the American people do not understand, is that this debt is not now, nor has it been intended since 1980, to ever be repaid.
That’s right! The national debt is not now, nor has it ever been intended since 1980, to be repaid. President Hu of China will be in the United States soon to reaffirm the New World Order of George Bush Sr. and the current game of Three Card Monte between Europe, America, and Asia to bolster confidence in investors to continue to buy US Treasuries as China does, and will continue to do.
The intention of our central bank, the Federal Reserve with its cartel of criminal member banks, is to push the size of the US debt far, far, far beyond our ability to ever repay, while gutting our production capacity; thus the loss of 42,000 factories and the jobs that went with them during the Bush Jr. Administration.

Federal reserve Building
The member banks of the Bankster Gansters, complicit with Big Brother and Big Business, use American taxpayer debt as free cash flow to transfer the American means of production offshore, where they can exploit cheap labor and increase profits far, far, far beyond their need to make a reasonable and significant profit.
It is “Gecko Greed”, a crack head financial high: an appetite that is insatiable and impossible to appease.
The final intent is to eventually bankrupt the United States, crush and oppress the American people with high taxation to meet that debt service, so that the American Republic will sell its soul to the New World Order, One World Government.

The intent is to crush the American economy, impoverish its great middle class, make them accept the dissolution of their Constitution and Bill of Rights BY REFERENDUM; and replace their liberty and freedoms from Nature’s God, with the New World Order Currency and the contract that comes with it; by wiping away and eliminating ALL American debt and eliminating taxes necessary to service that debt. That will be the "financial carrot" that the NWO will dangle in front of the American electorate to induce them to sell themselves into a bondage from which there is no escape! Hotel California American style!

Bribery has always been the most effective instrument of the NWO. When that fails they initiate wars to make the world safe for democracy, eliminate weapons of mass destruction, or eradicate terrorists in the name of peace and safety to protect unfettered capitalism.
This is why Illegals have been encouraged to invade the nation and why the Obummer Administration desires to make these Latino Nationals new Americans: new voters to usher in the North American Union as a prelude to the New World Order!
In India, Micro-finance, originally intended to lift recipients of these loans out of poverty, has been perverted, and now so overwhelms the poor that many are committing suicide to escape debt collection. This is the terror that a borrower faces, whether it is a few hundred dollars in India, tens of thousands of dollars on a credit card by an American consumer, state deficits in the many billions of dollars, or the US National Debt. It is a crushing strain on the borrower.

The American nation is at a crossroads, the proverbial fork in the road; where they can continue to accept the direction of the Federal Reserve and its criminal cartel of member banks, or revoke its franchise. The handwriting is on the wall. America must choose. Liberty or financial enslavement. Once the US Constitution has been dissolved, there can be no going back. Then it will be too late to preserve our freedoms.
It is past time to revoke the banking franchise of the FED as it has not served the interests of the American people or nation, it has not paid its franchise fees, and it has not followed the terms and conditions of its franchise agreement.

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