Thursday, January 27, 2011

Predictions: 2011 Update

A few of the predictions which we made here at SHTF Times-Epitaph for the New Year have already occurred. Some of which could not have been foreseen just a few short weeks ago; except by US. All 15 of those Predictions are in the archives. Those five that have manifested already, while we are less than 30 days into the New Year follow.

1. Unthinkably, a Member of the United States Congress has been shot; as we twice warned. Fortunately, according to reports, Congress Woman Giffords is making a “miracle recovery”. Unfortunately, we do not believe that this attack represents the end of the violence in America, but only marks the beginning of it. Things will get much worse before they get better and the American people are going to hold the feet of their elected officials to the fire. There is a river of violence under the surface that will erupt like a volcano in an outburst of anger.
2. State and local governments have begun to cut programs and people, which will only exacerbate the unemployment, retirement, and fiscal problems; while transferring these problems from one group to another. It will not solve them.
3. Interest rates have already moved up and the general consensus is that inflation is revealing itself in commodity prices. Today, Saudi Arabia made a big purchase of wheat on world markets. SHTF America predicted a sharp increase in the price of wheat for some countries during the blazing Moscow summer.
4. Financial problems in Europe have been kicked like a can down the road, but they will surface again in a few months because the underlying causes have not been addressed. It’s a pay me now, or pay me later situation, but eventually the bill will come due.
5. Food riots have broken out in Africa as we predicted, (in Algeria), where demonstrators have demanded sugar; among other things to mitigate their poverty. These demonstrations have spread to other nations, including Tunisia and Egypt, also in Africa; and to nearby Yemen on the Arabian Peninsula.
Food riots In Algeria
The natives are restless all over the world because the PTB have exploited them too much and have given them too little in return. And like in America, the PTB will not hear the cry of the oppressed until it is their own blood on the streets of Cairo, or other world capitals.

This is because those that have, really do not want to share with those who have not. Watch what they do, not what they say. They talk a good game, like the American President, but lie through their teeth everytime they smile. When Obummer says he wants Americans to be "more competitive", what he means is that American labor rates must fall farther to compete with the Chinese who make $.40 per hour, more jobs must be shipped offshore, or given to Illegals, and your pension plan needs to be confiscated to pay the National Debt.

The PTB really do not want a system that would provide opportunity for the many in the hierarchy of needs, because they want to retain their position at the top of the pyramid. Pharaoh is as Pharaoh does and the people of the world are responding:
“No Justice; No Peace!”

Sound familiar? Check the other ten Predictions in the archives. It could prove to be a landmark year.

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