Saturday, February 5, 2011

Jerusalem UFO: Chariot of Fire

It’s a bird. It’s a plane, its … Yahweh?
This you tube video shows a dramatic UFO visitation over Jerusalem. Fascinating to watch, the orb descends over the Dome of the Rock Mosque, on the Temple Mount. This site is sacred to Jews, Muslims, and Christians as, historically, it has been identified as the site of Solomon’s Temple.
This UFO is remarkable because it is easy to see that from whatever source it has originated, it is intelligently directed. The orb deliberately descends vertically from space to a point above the mosque, hovers for a time, then, in a flash of light, accelerates away from the mosque at tremendous speed and a very sharp angle.
SHTF Times has written a few articles about space including King of Mars, The Drake Equation, and SETI: Life Imitates Art, all in the archives here for your perusal. We have noted the exceptional UFO that hovered over a major Chinese airport in 2010, shutting down air traffic, and with intel provided to us, exposed the fact that the US Government has received and decoded a message from an alien intelligence.
UFO’s are a global phenomena. We are not alone. We are being visited by intelligent beings from another world; very intelligent beings with “magical” technology. Some would say that it is nothing new, that the earth has been visited many times in its history and make a variety of plausible arguments for humans originating elsewhere or being genetically engineered here by our “Space Brothers”. Whatever!

SHTF Times will not address those theories here, or the meaning of crop circles. Suffice it for this article and the dramatic visual experience this UFO has given all of US, that we understand that we are not alone. Other intelligent life exists in the universe and they are demonstrating their existence to US in this way to desensitize US to that reality as a prelude to genuine contact and interaction.
Live long and prosper!

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