Sunday, February 20, 2011

Protest In Place: Horns Across America

A regular visitor to SHTF Times has requested that we post the following quote with the hope that our readers will also pass it along and post it at other sites and other forums, and most importantly act upon the request:

“Honk your horn on April 1st at 12 noon in your time zone if you believe that Obummer is inept, Congress is corrupt, and the gangster banksters should be stripped of their banking franchise and incarcerated! Please copy and post everywhere. Protest In Place for one minute on April 1st at 12 noon by honking your horn! Thank you!

Frankly it sounds like a real good idea to SHTF Times. Imagine every automobile owner and taxpayer honking their horn in protest: a wave of protest sweeping across America at 12 noon on April 1, 2011 to articulate American’s displeasure with its elected officials who have worked especially hard on behalf of the Ganster Banksters to destroy the middle class and enrich the filthy rich.

Secretary of the Treasury Tim Geithner, himself a Chief Crook and member of the Gang of Four said late last year, that the Financial Bailout of 2008-2009 would only cost the American taxpayer “$25 billion” when it was all said and done.

Tim Geithner Chief Crook


Why should it cost the American taxpayer so much as one thin dime? It was the Member Banks of the Federal Reserve System, a private corporation, American taxpayers had to bailout, because they had totally mismanaged the finances of their own companies. Now the Gangster Banksters have passed out $135 billion in bonuses to top managers in 2010 and  the American taxpayer will have to eat “$25 billion”? Secretary Geithner you are a fucking scumbag and a Chief Crook in the conspiracy to defraud Americans! You belong in jail with your crony capitalist friends from Wall Street!

Worse, our government didn’t revoke their banking charters at the time of the financial bailout and sell those bank franchises and their respective assets to new investors, as we did with General Motors. Why not? Instead, we made the stockholders of the banks whole, recapitalized the banks with taxpayer dollars and allowed the Gangster Bankster managers to continue to do business as usual.


Why didn’t these criminals, gambling with depositor funds lose their positions and banking franchise when the American taxpayer nationalized their losses? The government, incompetent as usual,  should have confiscated the assets and branches of a bank once it was insolvent, and resold the banking franchise to other investors and stockholders, and required the new owners to capitalize the bank if they wanted to access the American financial market.

Why should the American taxpayer and family bear the financial burden for the incompetence of the Gangster Banksters? If private capital had rescued these banks, private capital would have required a 30% return for venture capital and participation in the upside. The Federal Reserve System owes the American taxpayer about $250 billion dollars as a return on capital once all of the bailout money has been returned, and a continuing annual fee to conduct business in America. That does not include the $100 billion per month of QE2 that is being injected into the system to cover ongoing losses from derivatives failures and mortgage foreclosures.

Why aren’t the Gangster Banksters paying a franchise fee to the American people via the Treasury every year for operating a profit making monopoly? And why are the Chief Crooks on Wall Street not in jail for malfeasance? The American people deserve real answers from their government. Obummer? McLame? Bonehead John Boehner? 

 Kill The FED and put the Gangster Banksters in jail!

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