Friday, April 1, 2011

NWO: Partition Libya!

Divide and conquer has always been a historically successful strategy; except in the case of the US Calvary, when General George Armstrong Custer who’s lust for glory was exceeded only by his profound stupidity, chose to attack an overwhelmingly, numerically superior, Sioux force of perhaps 5,000 warriors after he had separated his troops from the main Army: “divide and conquer in reverse” so to speak. It didn’t work.

Now, the Rebels in Libya have just enough support from NATO to protect them from Gaddaffi, but not enough support to depose him. Stalemate is a perfect scenario for the Rebels' protector: the New World Order. With Gaddaffi neutralized but not deposed, the Rebels in the East with control of the nation’s oil fields will receive “protection” from the NWO in exchange for the free flow of oil and gas to Western Europe. The Mafia must be green with envy. Gaddaffi will be relegated to a thug and neighborhood bully entrenched in Tripoli: a bogeyman the NWO can always threaten to release if the game is not played by its rules. 

Earlier this week, Lame Stream Media was reporting that the CIA has reached Libya and today it reports that the Rebels are surprisingly better organized and slightly better equipped.  Of course they are! The CIA has brought in agents and mercenaries to equip and train the Rebels. Now they have mortars, RPG’s, and heavy machine guns to augment their AK-47’s. With a “No Fly Zone” over the country the Libyan Air Force is grounded. Air strikes and cruise missiles by NATO have, or will eliminate all tanks and artillery mustered against the Rebels. It will settle in to a stalemate that benefits the New World Order while a “political solution is pursued”.

As long as Gaddaffi lives, the threat he poses to the Rebels requires the protection of NATO and the New World Order: a political solution that could take many, many years. Can you say North Korea, South Korea?

Drill, Rebels drill!!!

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