Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Wedding: Camelot Lives?

The wedding of Bill and Kate on April 29th may be dominating the Lame Stream Media, but it holds little interest for SHTF Times. We are not “royal watchers” and frankly, believe the idea that a few self centered  people with self-appointed titles and a history of inbreeding are somehow more special than the rest of the people of the world is repugnant, and goes against the grain of this American. An American of English descent who's lineage stretches back 2000 years through the Kings of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, through the Kings of France, including Charlemagne, to Ceasar's father where the records end.

In fact, it should go against the grain of every American. It’s garbage. The fact that Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush accepted the Queen’s Honorary Knight Grand Cross, Order the Bath, is nothing less than treason. By subjugating themselves to an office of the Crown, these former Presidents of the United States of America, symbolically, subjugated the USA itself, to the status of mere servants of the Crown. Lest we forget, Casper Weinbarger former Secretary of Defense, and James Baker, former Secretary of State, were also, similarly "honored".

The British Crown makes a habit of "honoring" all of the most prominent people in the world who willing accept this subjugation, to enhance the self importance of the Crown, when in fact and in reality, they are not diddly squat, serving only as window dressing to attract tourist dollars. How pathetic! How low the Crown of Empire!

These “honors” accepted by American Presidents were intended to create the impression that the USA was still a "colony" of the Britsh Crown, as preception is often mistaken for reality by the ignorant. This was a monumental insult to the Declaration of Independence, The US Constitution, and the American people. There ought to be a Law. I think there is; someone check the US Constitution.

Kate Middleton of course, seems to be the best thing to happen to England since Sir Francis Drake crushed the Spanish Armada in the Channel in 1588 after finishing his game of Bowles; (and that allows for the Battle of Britain). But, does the Lame Stream Media have to bombard US citizens with more information than we ever needed to know about what she wears and the influence that she might have on what nail polish young girls will wear, or not?

This celebrity worship is a sickness in America fostered by press agents and the Lame Stream Media and puts the Princess-To-Be on par with the media ho’s in the United States: like Paris Hilton, Brittany Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and Kim Kardashian. One would think the Queen would have enough sense to insist upon some dignity to the process for Kate and Good King William.

Yeah, that’s right. We predict William will be named King before his grandmother passes. Sorry, Charlie! Probably within five to ten years and after the couple has had a chance to settle into their new roles: William as Royal Ambassador At Large, repairing the damage done by his father, Charles, and Kate as wife and soon to be mother, pregnant with Princess Guinevere Elizabeth.

Did ya catch that? Yes, intelligence provided to SHTF Times indicates that Kate is pregnant and with a little girl. Wait for the "premature" birth. SHTF Times offers the name “Guinevere Elizabeth” for the most hyped baby to come along since baby Jesus.

What SHTF Times can say about Kate The Kommoner, is that she brings class back to the British Upper Class.  Don't let them call you Catherine, honey! Class is not in a name or a function of birth, but a quality of spirit that manifests in your character and shows on your face. Thank you Kate!

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