Thursday, January 20, 2011

America: Gang Raped By Congress

With the shooting attack on Congress via Congress Woman Giffords of Tucson Arizona, violence isn’t just predictable in American politics now; it’s obvious to a blind man. It will continue because the American people are the victims of an egregious financial assault that has continued for decades; yet the lame stream media blames the “vitriol” on raised levels of hateful speech and a climate of hostility on the left and right: a total distraction to camouflage the truth. And that truth:

The American people have been gang raped by their elected officials for decades.
United States Capitol Building

Hostility?  No, let’s not beat around the bush (how appropriate). Its hate! The American people by the many tens of millions have grown to hate their government! Not the government that our Founding Fathers gave us. Not the government of Jefferson, Jackson, Franklin, and Washington.
Americans have grown to hate the government of George Bush Sr., Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barak Obama: a group of New World Order globalists who have facilitated the transfer of the American means of production offshore, transferred the wealth of the American people to the gangster banksters, encouraged the invasion of the United States by 30 million illegals, while spending the American treasury into oblivion. The result is the bankruptcy of the nation, and the impoverishment of the American people.
When a free people are repeatedly fucked over by their elected officials decade after decade; officials who have a moral, ethical, and legal responsibility to represent them equitably to protect their rights under the US Constitution and preserve their economic security that they might pursue life, liberty, and happiness on a level play field; why would it come as a surprise to anyone that violence has broken out once more in American politics, or for that matter, fail to recognize that it will intensify?
The lame stream media and the political and financial elite have urged US to “come together” after the shooting of Congress Woman Giffords, but how can we “come together” when the disparity between the rich and the poor is greater than ever and the opportunity that once existed in America has been transferred offshore?
SHTF America believes the recent shooting in Tucson is just the beginning of a very violent era in America because the Powers That Be, have fucked the American people over and over and over again; and once too often. Now, for better or worse, it’s payback time. The Congress has enraged too many Americans; and it is going to get worse because Congress is totally out of touch and out of step with the American electorate, and even when they know what the electorate wants, they do what they want, and what the lawyers and lobbyists that bribe them want. The only surprise to SHTF America is that Washington DC is not burning, with Congress in session.
The Gangster Banksters have enraged too many Americans, as well. It wouldn’t surprise SHTF America if the CEO of a major investment bank was shot dead. Their crimes against the American people have been detailed in the many posts here, and widely known across America. Indeed the crimes of the gangster banksters are denounced every day across the Internet, we need not list them again. Check the archives if you do not know to what crimes we refer.

SHTF America recommends that these criminals enhance their security too. Yes, we believe they are criminals and the Gang of Four: Geithner, Greenspan, Paulson, and Bernanke, who have been complicit and have aided and abetted in these financial crimes against America, need to be in jail for malfeasance in office, if not treason.
SHTF America does not advocate violence, but we see it coming like a freight train that takes a very long time to stop once it gets started, and the first shots have been fired. In an irrational world, where the paid, elected, servants of the people consider themselves to be the master of the people, it becomes the rational thing to do for the angry, disposessed, disillusioned, and disenfranchised. The United States has had a civil war over race. The next one is about our personal liberties and economic justice, if the direction of the American government cannot be changed by the Tea Party Movement.
SHTF America doesn’t say that to advocate violence. We say that as an observer of the SHTF Times in which we live, and it is as obvious to US as the nose on the end of our face. Look at it this way: If a woman was gang raped by 535 guys who fucked her incessantly until she was almost comatose, do you think that woman, if she could escape her captors, would find the most lethal weapon possible, return to the scene of the crimes, and shoot each one of those bastards at point blank range?
Shoot? No, she would empty the gun on each one of them. Then she would reload and keep shooting until they were all dead. Who is guilty? Who is responsible for the violence? The woman?

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