Friday, July 29, 2011

Predictions 2011 Update

In our Predictions 2011 (here), posted on December 29th, 2010; SHTF America predicted that Ron Paul would expose the Federal Reserve Ponzi Scheme. That has happened. A GAO audit of the Federal Reserve based upon legislation proposed by Dr. Paul, released on July 20th of this year, detailed that the Federal Reserve System secretly loaned more than 16 TRILLION Americans dollars to some of the largest financial institutions and corporations throughout the world from 2008 to 2010.

16 TRILLION American Dollars.

Public Enemy Nuber One

The Federal Reserve is a private corporation of member banks,  a.k.a  Gangster Banksters by most Americans. It was created for the single purpose of, and charged with, managing the American monetary system for the benefit of the American people, their economy, and their markets. The Ponzi scheme which is the Federal Reserve has now been exposed with this first ever audit of its books.

The national debt as identified by Congress, over which the two political parties continue to argue, is $14.3 TRILLION. This ungodly sum represents the amount that the nation has borrowed since it inception more that 230 years ago.

In a global financial collapse triggered by any number of possible major events; nations, corporations, and banks may default and fail to repay these loans, exposing the American monetary system to potential catastrophic losses, which would reduce the value of the American dollar to mere pennies.

A prudent banker would never offer so much credit. This is a deliberate attempt to destroy the American economy and reduce the American people to economic serfs with high taxes, a worthless currency, and a level of debt that cannot ever be repaid.

These are deliberate acts to force Americans to accept a new world monetary system other than their own, controlled by the IMF and World Bank under the guidance of the UN. This new compact would dissolve the US Constitution and replace it with a North American Union with American Sovereignty subservient to the NEW WORLD ORDER.

America, repudiate the Federal Reserve System and the demonic debt that they have created in YOUR name. Put Federal Reserve officials, past and present, on trial and give them the penalty reserved for traitors to America. That is what they are: Traitors. They are Traitors who have stolen the American economy, shipped it offshore, bankrupted their banking business, and then pushed it over the cliff to collect the insurance from US.

They have encouraged 30 million ILLEGALS to invade every nook and cranny in OUR country to suppress OUR wages and take OUR jobs. Then they have provided entitlement programs to these invaders, and American workers, taxpayers, and families are required to subsidize the invasion. Globalists in government, big business, and banking are seeking to destroy America!

They have enriched themselves at OUR expense, and they have spent the nation into oblivion. The Gangster Banksters need to pay for their crimes. The destruction and pain they have caused so many Americans is worthy of our severest penalty. The destruction and pain is just beginning. It is going to get much worse. Americans must elect Patriots to high office and bring Globalists to trial to answer for their crimes!

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