Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Obama To Queen

“Liz, did  you hear the one about the priest, the rabbi, and the Kenyan who walked into an Irish Pub?” 

President O’bummer, (we’ll add the apostrophe for him going forward) started his European vacation with a stop at an Irish Pub and dutifully downed a pint of Guinness beer to score political points, while proclaiming, “ I have come home!”

Yeah, right! He’ll probably wear a shamrock on his lapel going forward once he leaves the United Kingdom, but for now the President is cozying up to the Queen, and the Queen is going all out to ingratiate herself to him with 21 gun, 42 gun, and 61 gun salutes, respectfully. No American President, not even Ronald Reagan, received so Royal a reception.

Why so much attention for this Clown when he didn’t even get a invitation to THE WEDDING?

 No doubt this adulation is payback for glossing over the British Petroleum oil spill that has devastated the Gulf Of Mexico. BP got off cheap on that fiasco, by using chemicals that dispersed the oil and caused it to settle at the bottom of the Gulf: chemicals that are highly toxic to human beings. Eventually, these chemicals, and the oil, will manifest itself. The $20 billion dollars that BP paid is chicken feed compared to the damage that they have caused. $100 billion would be more like it.

You see, the Queen is a VERY BIG investor in British Petroleum; and British Banks.

By all rights BP should be belly up or at least a skeleton of its former self. It’s not. Its business as usual for BP. The Gulf Disaster was just a blip on its profit margin and the American President ordered the attack on Gaddaffi to prevent the nationalization of Libyan oil, which Gaddaffi had publicly stated was his intent prior to the "Arab Spring"; again benefiting the Crown Jewel of the Queen’s portfolio: British Petroleum.

We will not mention here the tens of billions of dollars received by British Banks from the $787 billion “Stimulus Program”, aka known as the “Bank Bailout” that was paid for with American taxpayer funds. We would not be so crass as to suggest a “quid pro quo” by the Queen.

I mean after all, just invite the Clown to dinner, throw the Clown a party, and pretend he is your new best friend. It’s a small price to pay for the many hundreds of billions of dollars that the Americans pay to protect British interests around the world.

And break out the best champagne. After all, the American taxpayers paid for it didn’t they?

Editor's Note: The Royal Bank of Scotland borrowed $50 billion of American taxpayer funds at the height of the banking crisis at .05%; while Barclays Plc borrowed  $15 billion of American taxpayer funds from the Federal Reserve at the same rate. If they had not received these funds, Great Britain would be broke, its major banks insolvent. And the Queen's pocketbook? Well, lets just say that Bonnie Prince Charles would no longer receive an allowance and he would have to find a real job.

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