Thursday, December 2, 2010

Madonna Madness: Hard Candy Fitness

LA Fitness is a bargain compared to the Hard Candy Fitness Center that Madonna has recently opened in Mexico City. According to the AP, monthly membership fees are $159.00 and it costs $827 to join. The initial fee includes two months of membership.

According to Kitco Metals, The Mexican Peso closed today at about 12.35 pesos to the dollar. $159.00 per month is a lot of beans for most Mexicans, Madonna. Obviously, the initial membership fee and monthly payment is intended to keep the rift raft out, as only the Mexican political and financial elite, drug dealers, and professional, top of the line prostitutes can likely afford those payments. In that case, the name Hard Candy Fitness seems apropos. One can only imagine the activities taking place in the whirlpool, steam room, and sauna. At least it puts all of the criminals in one place!
And I thought that LA Fitness was a good place to meet hot, easy, chicks!

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