Friday, December 3, 2010

Sarah Palin On Taxes

Sarah Palin, likely Presidential Candidate in 2012, has jumped on the “tax-cut for the rich” band wagon in her latest Facebook post. She claims that “tax cuts spur economic growth” and that in the words of Thomas Sowell: there is an “80 year” track record to support that theory.
Sarah Palin
I am a big fan Sarah, and normally I would agree whole heartedly with you. This is what Obummer should have done, rather than attack unemployment with immense government hiring. That was absolutely asinine. Government employees and their salaries must be cut. Americans do not need “scores of officers eating out our substance”.
With respect to taxes, I would argue that tax cuts should be limited to the middle and working classes; as the Middle Class in America has borne the brunt of globalization. It has been the taxes of the Middle Class that has funded the bank bailout, foreign aid, the obese military budget, and the expense of two wars to extend the boundaries of the New World Order to make the world safe for Big Business and Big Banking.
Sarah, it has been the jobs of the Middle Class that have been transferred to China and India, and other cheap labor cesspools, to multiply the obscene profits that are possible by exploiting the world’s poor in the name of “Free Trade”.
When 42,000 factories disappeared from American shores during the Bush years, millions of jobs went with them: middle class jobs. The staggering sums of money that were lost from the income and taxes that those jobs and factories produced; probably many hundreds of billions of dollars, represented enormous sums of money that never again circulated in the American economy or fed American families. Not everyone can see Russia from their backyard or go to the sea to hack off the head of halibut and salmon to feed their families.
Sarah Palin
If Americans don’t have enough money to spend to prop up the consumer society that the unfettered capitalists have manipulated for America, it’s because the political and financial elite have encouraged, supported, and lobbied for the invasion of 30 million latinos into the United States, contrary to our laws and to the physical and financial detriment of the American worker, taxpayer, and family. The U.S Chamber of Commerce is a major culprit here.

Treasonous bastards to be sure!
These illegals are primarily Mexican nationals, who suppress wages and take the jobs of American citizens; denying the income that would accrue to the American family. Shall I repeat here the litany of crime, violence, and drugs that they commit in America against our rightful citizens? Send illegals home and you will solve much of the excess unemployment problem in America, and the budget problems associated with welfare and unemployment insurance.
Sarah, with the demise of the American economy it’s time to revamp the tax system altogether. It’s time to go to a Flat Tax system. Warren Buffet paid 17% in taxes last year while most Americans paid 25% to 35%. That is obscene! Does Warren Buffet and others like him really need a tax break to make an investment that will make them even more money? I don’t think so.
If there are to be “tax cuts for the rich” let it be only for the investment of new plant and equipment in America. If the tax cuts are not specified for plant and equipment, no jobs will be created.
Eliminate the current tax system altogether. Let everyone: worker, wage earner, investor, and corporation alike, pay the same rate on their gross income. Fair is fair. It’s time to restore fairness to the American economy, American life, and to the American people, once more.
The American people have suffered under a "fair tax system" which has worked for them much like "free trade" capitalism has now for many years. The result? America is broke, her citizens are homeless, jobless, her means of production has been shipped offshore, and her cities are filled with tens of millions of foreign nationals speaking foreign languages and committing crimes against American citizens of every nationality, color and hue.

It's time for a change, Sarah.  It's time for a flat tax. Talk to Huckabee instead of the unfettered capitalists in the Republican Party who are pushing global fascism upon America. Illegal immigration is their strategy to impoverish America, turn it into a third world nation, and impose the North American Union on America.
Get a clue to what is really happening, Sarah! All you have to do is connect the dots! Better yet, click the SHTF America Eagle Flag Logo and read the main pages. We have connected those dots for you!

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