Wednesday, December 1, 2010

American Guns To Mexico

Mexico has long complained about the smuggling of American weapons to Mexico which fuels the Drug Wars there. Frankly, SHTF America just didn’t believe that anything more than some handguns and a few rifles and shotguns stolen in the United States by Illegals, seeking to make a few bucks, might be funneled back to Mexico. Our naiveté is showing.
Ruger 556

Apparently, Mexico has had a right to complain. Intelligence provided to SHTF America indicates American weapons, assault rifles of very good quality to be specific; are indeed being manufactured in the United States and smuggled into Mexico.
These assault weapons are special ordered by the Drug Lords seeking superior quality in their armaments. Cost has little consideration as they have tons and tons of drug dollars stashed in the USA and are willingly to pay a premium for high tech, high quality AR-15 / M4 / M6 type caliber weapons.
Where are these weapons coming from? Intelligence provided to SHTF America says the weapons are being produced in the United States by Hispanic American citizens who have the machine tools and talent to create and manufacture these weapons.
Tricon M6A2
Our intelligence sources say that these Hispanic American manufacturers have been compromised under threat of death, beheading, and/or a similar fate for their families. They can go along and get along, or their heads can roll along: the choice is theirs. These Hispanic American custom manufacturers know that the US Government cannot protect them from the Mexican Drug Cartels, so they go along. Personalized engraving? No extra charge!

Seal the bloody border!
LEOS or ATF Agents reading this post could investigate this revelation in any number of ways. It’s your responsibility to enforce an "arms embargo" on the Narco Terrorists.      See: Assault Rifle Page

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