Monday, November 29, 2010

Where In The World Is Robspierre?

Members of the US Congress, who have given themselves superior pay, have an exceptional health care plan, and enjoy an outstanding retirement program, are at it again. This time they want to eliminate jobs based health care benefits for American workers in an attempt to cut several hundred billion dollars worth of tax benefits for businesses that provide coverage for their workers.

Deficit Commission Co-Chairs
This proposal is from the Bi-Partisan Presidential Deficit Commission tasked with the responsibility of finding ways to cut federal spending. The Commission is also recommending the elimination of the mortgage interest rate deduction for homeowners in a bid to raise revenue.
Proponents say these cuts would allow “big tax rate cuts”, suggesting that lower tax rates would spur job creation and that businesses would be more likely to raise pay for their employees; but SHTF America asks: “For whom?”; and “For how long?”
If recent history is any indication, the tax rate cuts would apply only to businesses so they can become “competitive”, a buzz word for cheap labor; and the increased pay in the form of salaries and bonus’ would again accrue to corporate officers and managers, while the average worker in America gets less and less of the American Dream.
If anyone in America believes that any benefits of these proposed changes would trickle down to the masses from the political and financial elite making these new rules, they are out of their freaking mind! The intention here is to put all Americans on Obama Care, except Members of Congress, Bankster Gangsters, and the rich and famous who can afford the best of everything.
Middle America will be stripped of its ability to get adequate health care, more of their income will go for fundamental necessities, and they will have even less money for education, entrepreneurship, retirement, or wealth building. All of these schemes are scams on the American people to disenfranchise them, and make them serfs in the New World Order.
What is good for the geese is good for the ganders. Both Obummer and McLame promised the American people the same health care as they have. Where the hell is it? The claim is that: with Obama Care, "state based exchanges" would work like the federal employee health plan. Taxpayer subsidies will help individuals and families with low to moderate incomes pay premiums. The key words here are “work like the federal employee health plan” and "taxpayer subsidies".
Don’t believe it. That’s a lie! If that were true they could just roll all Americans into that same federal health care plan they have which is paid for by taxpayers now. Payments could be spread over a larger population creating economies of scale and cheaper rates for everyone. This is a lie disguised as reform designed to subsidize the poor at the expense of the middle class, who pays the bulk of the taxes in America, and transfer the cost of the working poor onto the middle class; while at the same time, increasing the cost of health care to them! Meanwhile, Members of Congress enjoy a premium quality health care plan and an unprecedented retirement program at the cost of the taxpayer!
 If the Congress wants to cut our health care and retirement benefits, maybe we should eliminate their health and retirement benefits altogether: and retroactively! Then they could share in the magnanimous program that they have designed for US! Seems only fair, don't 'cha think?
SHTF America predicts that the people in power are going to keep tightening the screws on average American citizens until some citizens, angry and incensed, go off the deep end and start shooting Members of Congress; and not just one, but many, in a well orchestrated “domestic terror attack”.  Dazed, the survivors will wonder what craziness could have provoked such an outrage! Gentlemen: look to your own souls when it happens. See the self serving, unsatiable greed, vanity, and self indulgent ways in which you govern.
Sadly, history has shown, that the PTB never get the message until there is blood on the streets of America, and when it is their interests that are in jeopardy. They long ago lost the understanding that government is supposed to serve the people, not the people in power. To ignore this intrinsic fact of the basis for the American government is to invite disaster upon the Nation. Congress, you will be held accountable! You cheat the American people at your peril!
If the President and Congress want to save hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars every year and put Americans back to work; the solution is simple: send 30 million Illegals home, get them off of welfare, and out of the jobs that rightfully belong to American citizens! These Illegals cost the American taxpayer more than $300 billion every year. That is enough money every year to provide health care for all Americans and underwrite Social Security. Additionally, roll back pay rates for government employees which are about 60% greater than a similar job in the private sector, and cut pension plans for all government employees: especially Congress!
What say you America? Make your voice heard! And tell those lying, cheating, thieving bastards you heard it at SHTF America!

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