Sunday, November 28, 2010

King of Mars

Two scientists at Washington State University are advocating in the Journal of Cosmology, one way trips to Mars for brave souls who would be willing to colonize the Red Planet; suggesting that it wouldn’t be much different from the Pilgrims migrating to North America. Right!
The Red Planet - Fourth From The Sun
These visionaries believe that humans must reach for the stars because we live on a “vulnerable planet” that could be destroyed by asteroid, or supernova wiping out all life, including US; so it is imperative for the survival of the species to expand into the galaxy and beyond, to other livable worlds in deep space. A Martian Colony could serve as a “lifeboat for our species”. Well, guys, couldn't an asteroid or supernova wipe out a Martian Colony? Just asking.
With current technology, it’s a six month flight to Mars which possesses “surface gravity, an atmosphere, abundant water, carbon dioxide, and essential minerals”.

In a separate related development, a new impulse engine design is in development that would reduce the time to about 40 days, one way. These scientists are proposing two person teams in separate ships, with additional colonists and regular supply ships to follow. All they need is a couple of billionaires to fund the trip and a few volunteers.
Guys, if you can raise the money, provide the technology, and make that a three person crew, I will volunteer to be King of Mars; but only if Angelina Jolie and Halle Berry will go with me. And just understand one thing: once I get there, it’s my freaking planet!!!

Just saying.

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