Saturday, November 20, 2010

US-China Relations: Spy vs Spy

Massive volumes of Internet traffic was hijacked and rerouted to China for 18 minutes on April 8, 2010 by China Telecom, a state owned agency, according to Defense Department Spokesman, Marine Colonel David Lapan, on behalf of the 2010 US-China Commission, who stated that it wasn’t known whether the rerouting “was done with malicious intent or not.”

US China relations
China’s Foreign Ministry and China Telecom have separately denied that it “hijacked” US Internet traffic by sending false instructions that prompted other servers to reroute the traffic through China on the assumption it was the most efficient path.

The U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission was set up in 2000 to examine the security implications of growing economic ties with China and regularly reports on Cyber Attacks and suspicious activity. Computer security experts suggested in the Commission’s Report that this capability by China, could enable a number of “severe malicious activities”.

Readers should be aware that US supercomputers routinely “take a picture” of the Internet to back up the data. It takes about twenty minutes. China was recently recognized as have the world’s fastest supercomputer which was developed internally.

No doubt China was testing its capabilities. Again.

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