Friday, November 19, 2010

Sink The Bismarck!

Earlier this year a collision between a Japanese whaling vessel and an Australian ship owned by the Sea Sheppard Conservation Society protesting the slaughter of whales; ended in the sinking of the Australian ship after a collision of the vessels in the frigid waters off of Antarctica. Reportedly, the captain of the Japanese Whaler could have avoided the collision but did not take remedial action.
Breaching Humpback Whale

The Maritime Safety Agency of New Zealand said in a report released Thursday, that  captains of both the Australian ship, Ady Gil, and the Japanese whaler, the Shonan Maru No. 2, "were responsible for either contributing to, or failing to respond to the 'close quarters' situation that led to the collision."
It "found no evidence that either vessel master had deliberately caused the collision," but said there was "a failure by both masters and the crew(s) ... to appreciate and react appropriately to avoid colliding."
The Japanese Institute of Cetacean Research which sponsors the whale slaughter in the name of scientific research reportedly had no comment, while the Japan Fisheries Agency said it needed time to study the matter. Knowledgeable observers know that Japan uses the Institute to skirt the limits imposed on whalers by international agreement.
Friends, fans, followers, and casual readers of this website should know and understand that whales are not fish. They are mammals and sentient beings of immense intelligence. Years ago this author meditated upon the issue of whether the whales truly needed to be saved before going to sleep. During the night I had a profound spiritual experience.

Dreams can be visions, nightmares, or much more.
I found myself out of the body and in the spirit. I was swimming deep in the ocean, and eyeball to eyeball with a massive sperm whale and her calf. As I looked into that eye I saw intelligence as deep as the ocean and brightly illuminated. More than that, I found myself engulfed in waves of pure love emanating from the whale and directed at me. The experience ended shortly thereafter, but I knew then that these marvelous creatures were massive animations of the holy spirit as much as you or I and deserve our protection, as we are charged with dominion over all of Creation, and have a special responsibility to other sentient beings.
We spend billions of dollars scanning the heavens in search of alien, intelligent life, and there is among us a marvelous, intelligent species, living in an alien environment, with a unique speech and melodious voice; that unfortunately the Japanese cannot hear. Is there any sound as haunting and awe inspiring as the song of the Humpback whale?
Fluke of Humpback Whale As It Dives 
The wholesale slaughter of whales is a crime against Creation. The Japanese will not escape judgment by Nature’s God; the Creator of all things visible and invisible in the Universe, for the perpetuation of this crime when they should know better. Judgment will come upon Japan for these crimes. Judgment will decimate the land and population of Japan, even as they have decimated the whales. Sadly, they will never know the reason for their demise, but what goes around comes around.
The greater portion of Japan will go into the sea and its population will be decimated. Whether this happens in five years or fifty; judgment will come upon Japan. It will be swift. It will be sure. It will be powerful. And it will decimate Japan as they have decimated the whales.
Almighty God, hear my prayer! It is cryptic but emphatic: “Sink the Bismarck!”     

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