Sunday, November 21, 2010

North Korean Nukes

North Korea recently revealed a previously secret uranium enrichment facility to American scientist, Siegfried Hecker , who is a former director of the US Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory, during his visit to the main Yongbyon nuclear complex. He was also shown a small, highly sophisticated, industrial-scale uranium enrichment facility that had been built quickly and secretly to produce low enrichment uranium for a new reactor.

North Korean celebration

Hecker said the facilities appeared to be “designed primarily for civilian nuclear power”, but that it could easily be converted to produce highly enriched uranium for nuclear weapons. His first look at the secret facility “was stunning” and far surpassed his expectations. “Instead of seeing a few small cascades of centrifuges, which I believed to exist in North Korea, we saw a modern clean centrifuge plant of more than two thousand centrifuges all neatly aligned and plumbed below us”, with a control room that was “astonishingly modern”.

Not surprisingly, Dr. Hecker’s report has brought sharp rebuke from interested parties concerned with a North Korea with nuclear weapons. A Japanese official said that: “From the perspective of Japan’s security and the peace and stability of the region, North Korea’s continued development of nuclear reactors absolutely cannot be tolerated.” That sounds like “zero tolerance” to SHTF America.

NorhKorean Military parade

US Department of Defense officials are concerned that this new secret facility would give the North Koreans the capability to extend the number of the nuclear devices they possess from a few crude devices to many nuclear weapons, and that they might share or sell this technology with others.


You mean that our Intelligence Community is not aware that Iran and North Korea are already sharing technology for long range missiles and nuclear weapons? Take your head out of your collective asses, gentlemen. Snooze and you lose. We will all lose. Act soon!

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