Monday, November 22, 2010

Obama Care For The Saudi King?

If Obama Care is good enough for King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, it ought to be good enough for US, don’t cha think? AP is reporting that the 86 year old King has come to the United States for medical attention, and this is not the first time he has come here for treatment.

Saudi King Abdullah

A number of years ago, the Saudi King checked into St. Joseph’s Hospital for an extended stay in Phoenix Arizona, for an undisclosed medical treatment and was very generous to the hospital and staff : on the way out! Or was that King Fahd? Anyway, my guess is that the Saudi King is trying to get an inside track on the St Joe Benefit Lottery and win a new car!
Coincidently, the arrival of the King to America for medical treatment coincides with the issuance of final, new rules unveiled by the US Department of Health and Human Resources for insurers. The new regulations mandate that 85% of the premiums paid in a health plan must apply directly to patient care and not to overhead for the plan.

SHTF America is still waiting for the same health care plan for the American people as that provided to Congress and promised by both Obummer and McLame when they were running for President. Liars, cheats, and thieves, one and all!
These final requirements should ensure that funds are applied to patient care at the hospital, but does place a “cap” on the aggregate amount  that insurers must pay. Analysts say the insurance industry got what it wanted, which is why insurance stocks bounced upwards. The limits on the cap were not reported, leading one to wonder what will happen to the patient when the insurance runs out. Will this work like legal fees for attorneys after they have taken all of your money and the case is not yet in court?
And did anyone tell the 86 year old Saudi King about the “Death Panels” if you exceed the "Cap"? Just asking.

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