Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Chandra Levy's Murder: Another Job That An American Didn't Want!

Chandra Levy’s murderer has been convicted. The murder made national headlines because she was a Washington Intern and had been sexually linked to a California Congressman at the time of the murder in 2001.

Chandra Levy

Surprise! It was an Illegal from El Salvador! Ingmar Guandique was already in prison for attacking two female joggers in separate incidents, and had confessed to his cellmate in Levy’s death. Fortunately, these two women were able to defend themselves and fight him off before they suffered a similar fate as Chandra.

Ingmar Guandique

America, you need to understand that Illegals are very dangerous people, and overwhelmingly men. Since 1999, more than one million sex crimes have been perpetrated against American women. 35% of these crimes have been against children. 25% of these crimes have been rapes!

These invaders are not “innocent” in any sense of the word as their exploiters would lead you to believe, because they have already broken American law by entering the country illegally and continue to do so as they are engaged in a spectrum of violent crime, drug smuggling, and gang related activity: none of it good for America.

America, you need to understand that 30 million Illegals, mostly men, is not immigration by any sense of the word. It is no less than an all out invasion of the United States by a foreign power that is suppressing wages, stripping the American working class of its jobs, undermining the American taxpayer and family, and devastating the American economy; as these illegals cost the American taxpayers more than $300 billion every year!

Mass Invasion Of The United States
$300 billion every year is enough money to give American citizens the same health care as Congress and fund Social Security! American troops should be sealing the southern border of the United States, and sweeping the cities of America clean of this latino mafia: block by block; house by freaking house!


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