Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Seoul Korea G-20

The G-20 is meeting in Seoul, South Korea this week to try and hammer out a new currency agreement between those countries running major surpluses like China, Germany, Japan, and Brazil, and those nations like the United States which are running heavy deficits.

G-20 Finace Ministers Meet In Seoul South Korea
The fact is that the enormous deficits that have been generated in the United States over the past ten years represents the wealth of the American people that has been transferred to these other nations in the name of prosperity and world peace. Peace and prosperity has come at a tremendous cost to the American taxpayer.

The American taxpayer has primed the Chinese economic miracle. It is the American marketplace that has befriended the German economy, and funded the Japanese. The American means of production has been shipped offshore, to China, India, Japan, South Korea, and other nations.

Other world currencies have remained undervalued, therefore the products of other nations have been under priced to encourage American consumers to purchase their products rather than our own. This has created wealth in China, Japan, South Korea, and Germany, but it has created debt in America.

This was the plan devised by the Central Bankster Gangsters to destroy the American means of production and the wealth of the middle class; by shipping virtually all manufacturing offshore, where cheap labor would mean increased profits for the Global Elites: Global Fascists deploying unfettered capitalism, to enrich themselves beyond any ability to spend or invest the money.

At the same time, 30 million latino peasants were encouraged to illegally invade the United States to depress wages and provide cheap labor to these unfettered capitalists still operating within America; to the physical and financial detriment of the American worker, taxpayer, and family.

It was this nefarious plan that has bankrupted the nation: by an elite group of Bankster Gangsters, Big Business, and Big Government, colluding to destroy America; dissolve it into the North American Union with Mexico and destroy the last hope of the world to resist One World Government.

To that end, Helicopter Ben Bernanke has embarked the FED upon a purchase program of US Treasury Bonds for additional "Quantitative Easing" in hopes of spurring a lackluster American economy. He intends to purchase more than $100 billion in the first bite, hoping to push interest rates lower on mortgages, corporate debt, and other loan financing.

"Rates are historically low now because there is no demand".  Drake Pendragon

His hope is that lower borrowing costs will lure Americans to boost spending and stimulate business investment with lower corporate bond rates.  If nothing else, Big Business will be able to rollover its corporate debt at lower rates, increase their profitability, and generate higher stock prices: meaning big bonus' again for corporate executives who do not deserve them.

Higher stock values will also increase household wealth. Bernanke believes this chain of events would produce a "virtuous cycle, which will further support economic expansion." He anticipates that faster economic growth would prompt companies to boost hiring and lower the official 9.6% unemployment rate, which is a sore point with President Obummer, not to mention the American people.

Don't bet on it though. The fundamental disparity in the world financial community between currencies is intentional and designed to move the world toward a NWO, One World Banking, One World Government system: one step at a time.

Order out of chaos? Not since the Big Bang!

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