Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Happy Birthday USMC

November 10, 2010 marks the 235th birthday of the United States Marine Corp. Time and digital space are not adequate to enumerate all of the success and accomplishments of this storied arm of the Armed Forces of the United States of America since its inception. Its victories have grown legendary over time, if not mythical in proportion, yet these are true tales of the courage, valor, and determination of the fighting men of the United States Marine Corp.

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These heroes represent the best of the Spirit of America in defense of its freedoms, whenever or wherever they are called upon to defend the interests of the Nation: from the decks of Capt John Paul Jones ships against a superior foe; to the Barbary Coast; the Pyramids of Mexico; Guadalcanal; Saipan; and in the Korean war, the Chosan Reservoir.
The Battle at the Chosen Reservoir is unique because two regiments of Marines were surrounded by four divisions of Chinese soldiers. Chairman Mao of Red China was desperate to destroy these two regiments of the 1st Marine Division and ordered his commander in the field to support his four divisions with two divisions in reserve. The Marines fought their way out of that trap and escaped annihilation by a vastly outnumbered, overwhelming force.
Viet Nam gave us an amphibious landing in March of 1965 at Red Beach, outside of  Da Nang; and a gallant defense of Khe San, the northern most Marine outpost in South Viet Nam. The North Viet Namese regulars were determined to overrun Khe San and produce a stunning propaganda victory. They failed, at great cost to their army and their prestige.
In the Battle for Grenada, Marines comprised 20% of the American force, but secured 80% of the island. The American Army, 80% of the expeditionary force, captured 20% of the island. The American Army matches well or superior to that of any nation's armed forces, but the above example pretty well sums up the effectiveness of the U.S. Marine Corp. 

US Marines arrive prepared to fight and determined to win. That spirit of the Corp has proven repeatedly, to be a powerful combination to beat. Fallujah Iraq, and Kandahar Province Afghanistan, are names and locations of recent historical record where the Marines have demonstrated their valor and value in victory. Now, in relief of British troops headed home, the Marines have been asked to pacify the Sangin Valley. The British failed to liberate the Sangin Valley and lost 100 men before heading home.
Mikhail Gorbachov former Premier of the defunct Soviet Union whose famed Red Army left Afghanistan in defeat, claims that America can’t win in Afghanistan. Don’t believe it. And don’t bet on it. Where US Marines fight, America wins. History has shown that it only takes a few good men: Patriots all.
Happy Birthday and Semper Fi.

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