Thursday, November 11, 2010

English Rules The Russian Skies

English rules the Russian skies, so why is the American government pushing Spanish on the American people? Let legal Latino immigrants learn English and send the Illegals home!
Russian Mig 29
At every level of American government, special access is being provided to Spanish language documents for illegal immigrants that speak only Spanish; even down to the driver’s license test! Is that insanity or what?!

(There’s an expense the Presidential Commission can cut; along with salaries and pensions for Congress and all federal employees, who are grossly overpaid!)
English is the international language spoken in every country of the world, as business is conducted, primarily, in English. It is the closest thing the world has to a universal language since the Tower of Babel was abandoned.
Beginning in March of 2011, Russian airline pilots and air traffic controllers will be required to conduct all conversations in English, and the requirement could eventually be extended to all communications, even on domestic routes. This disclosure comes from no less than Alexander Neradko, head of the Russian Federal Air Transportation Agency, in a statement to the Moscow Times.
Aeroflot Russian Airliner
The Moscow Times reported it this way:
“In March, all international airports will switch to English. At the same time, pilots and staff will be required to demonstrate Level 4 conversational skills according to the six-level scale of the International Civil Aviation Organization.
Level 4 under the ICAO system is roughly equivalent to the knowledge of a high school student who scores a B- or C+ in English, said Sergei Melnichenko, deputy head of the language school Kompleng, which has a program for aviation professionals. “
Russian high school students are required to take at least two years of English language classes, and often take four. Consequently, many Russians in the major metropolitan areas are highly conversant in English. All International Airports in Europe use English as the common language. Military airports will continue in Russian.

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