Sunday, November 14, 2010

No Nukes Are Good Nukes!

CNN Money is reporting that the US Government is discussing nuclear power plants again. $18.5 billion of federal loan guarantees were approved in the 2008 Obama budget. Another $36 billion in federal loan guarantees are proposed in the President’s budget for 2011.

Nuclear power plants are a very bad idea, Mr. President. Who is going to clean up the mess when it spills over into the ground water? The EPA, DOE? The facts are in: neither!

Nuclear Power Plant Cooling Towers

At least neither agency is stepping up to clean up the mess at the Hanford Washington nuclear waste site where tons of radioactive toxic wastes have leaked from their storage vessels and into the Columbia River groundwater drainage system after only 50 years in storage. Cost estimates of the cleanup are projected at $8 billion, IF they had the technology to do it!
Only Big Business wants more nuclear plants in the United States. They want the subsidies, loan guarantees, and the increasing profits that they can extract from the American consumer, year after year, after year!
Educated Americans who understand the risks do not want nuclear power plants. Let’s face it. Why create a power plant that generates tons of radioactive waste that does not decompose below a toxic level for 10,000 years? If that waste is processed from a breeder reactor, it becomes non-toxic after only 1,000 years. Imagine that, only 14 generations of Americans need wait for the radioactivity to dissipate!
When scientists have developed a micro-organism that eats radioactive waste, shits water, and exhales oxygen; it will be time to build nuclear plants. Until then they are way too expense and way too dangerous to be built.       

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