Saturday, November 13, 2010

SHTF Utah: Citizens Alert!

A “conservative think tank” in Utah, the Sutherland Institute, is proposing a “federal” approach to Illegal Immigration rather than supporting a get tough, Arizona style immigration bill that has been introduced in the Utah legislature. By "federal approach" we assume it means "do nothing" !
Salt Lake City Utah
Paul Mero, president of that institute said in a conference call: "We could do an Arizona-style approach, a round 'em up approach, an approach of starving them out, But as a conservative and believer in freedom, there is no way in hell I will be part of rounding up innocent people. And as an ethical and moral person ... I'm not going to be part of starving them out. That leaves one option: helping them". 
The issue isn’t freedom Paul. Neither is it ethics or morality. And they have an option: they can go home the same way they came. The Mexican Government can accept responsibility for them, as can the Catholic Church which conceived, planned, initiated, and orchastrated this invasion. 

Illegals are costing the American taxpayer more than $300 billion dollars a year, every year. "Helping them" is not an option for the American taxpayer. Why don’t YOU pick up the tab for these people, Paul, if you want them in Utah, instead of passing the buck onto the taxpayers of Utah?
The issue is the Sovereignty of the United States. The issue is whether the Law of the Land is going to be applied. The issue is whether the taxpayers of Utah are going to be saddled with the cost of the exploitation of these people by businessmen and liberal politicians. These are not “innocent people”, Paul. They are criminals. They have broken federal law by invading the USA illegally.
Attorney General Mark Shurtleff is quoted as saying that an enforcement only approach to illegal immigration is “counter productive and harmful”.  “Counter productive” ?  Illegals left Arizona in a hurry after the law was passed, and they will leave Utah too.  
"Harmful" to whom, Mr. Attorney General? Are you suggesting it would be "harmful" to the Illegals, as opposed to the  American citizens who have been victimized by more than one million sex crimes committed by illegals since 1999; where 35% of those crimes have been committed against children, and where 25% of those crimes have been rapes?! How many cases like the Elizabeth Smart case are you prepared to impose on the children of Utah? 

These Illegals are introducing tremendous amounts of crime, violence, and drugs into our neighborhoods and in Rhode Island, the smallest State in the Union, 40,000 illegals on the welfare rolls cost that States' taxpayers $350 million every year; or $8,750 per Illegal in direct costs. That does not include the indirect costs of crime, violence, and drugs. How much are these Illegals costing Utah taxpayers and families?
Respectfully, are you out of your fucking mind, Sir? Enforce the law or resign!
Citizens of Utah, this alternative approach and propaganda is being pushed by a small group of SLC business leaders; specifically, the Salt Lake City Chamber of Commerce and a few politicians who get their financial support from the Chamber, and who profit from exploiting Illegals, at the expense of the rightful citizens of Utah.
The US Chamber of Commerce and its member organizations are staunch supporters of illegal immigration because it lowers the cost of labor for its member firms; at the expense of, and to the detriment of, the American worker, taxpayer, and family. Supporters of Illegals want to exploit these people and pass the cost of them onto state and federal taxpayers. Businessmen? No. Liars, cheats, thieves, and exploiters of human beings.
Send 30 million Illegals home and Americans will go back to work at reasonable wages, get off of food stamps and welfare, start paying taxes, buying cars and houses,  start spending money at the malls again, and unemployment will drop back to 5%.

Does the American taxpayer and family really need 30 million "lettuce pickers" collecting American welfare checks and taking American jobs?  


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