Monday, November 15, 2010

AIG: Bailout Billions

American International Group Inc. better known as the infamous AIG of Bailout fame, has reported a 2.4 billion dollar loss for the third quarter as it pursues its re-capitalization plan. Operating losses were a mere $200 million but additional paper losses attributed to the sale of other businesses, ballooned its losses.

AIG Office Building

AIG is the insurance giant that was loaned $182 billion by the Obama administration so it could make its financial obligations good, to the benefit of Wall Street Bankster Gangsters. Goldman Sachs was the primary beneficiary of the payment to AIG, among Wall Street Banks.

AIG holds the pension and insurance funds of the U.S. Congress. Had it collapsed, the pensions and health insurance plans for past and present members of Congress would have disappeared altogether. The company says its re-capitalization plan is on schedule and that later next year, payments to the government would reduce its debt to the American taxpayers to a mere $100 billion.

The Congressional Oversight Panel which is charged with the investigation of the financial collapse has been critical of now Secretary of the US Treasury Tim Geithner, who was then head of the New York Federal Reserve Bank; stating that there were “conflicts of interest” associated with the bailout plan as it allowed JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs to be made whole by the American taxpayer in the financial collapse of AIG.


In the Spirit of Truth and unbiased journalism, SHTF America is obligated to report that the New York Federal Reserve Bank is neither federal, nor has it any reserves. It is a cabal of private member banks. Bankster Gangsters to the American people.

The Congressional Budget Office which commissioned the Oversight Panel, is currently estimating a $36 billion dollar loss to American taxpayers. The panel’s Chairperson, Elizabeth Warren, is demanding a better deal, telling reporters, “We want a profit. We are holding the Treasury's feet to the fire."

Yeah, sure. Right. Don’t hold your breath, America! Someone with some balls needs to step up and put these lying, cheating, thieving bastards in jail! Starting with the Gang of Four: Geithner, Bernanke, Paulson, and Greenspan!

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