Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Death Of A Star: Birth Of A Black Hole

In 1979, a Maryland schoolteacher witnessed the death of a star in a supernova explosion. Since then astronomers have been following it with interest as it has developed into a baby black hole that is growing. Originally a star about 20 times bigger than our sun, it has collapsed into a black hole about five times the size of the sun and is located about 50 million light years away.  

Baby Black Hole
Black holes are regions of space where gravity is so dense not even light escapes as they consume all matter and energy in their vicinity. In that way they are much like the Federal Reserve where American wealth is absorbed and only debt is expelled. This NASA photo was taken by the Chandra X-Ray Space Telescope. Got the picture and the proper perspective now?

The Fed is a giant "swirly" flushing the wealth of America down the drain!

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