Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Death Of Real News

In the Sunday November 14 issue of the Washington Post, Ted Koppel laments the death of real news and the rise of opinion journalism. I appreciate your sentiment Ted, as I was once a loyal viewer of Nightline, and I will address that in a moment. “Real News”: that is, news unbiased and factual, reported on a daily basis by a “talking head”, ended with the retirement of Tom Brokaw from NBC Nightly News.

Tom Brokaw

The “news” that Keith Olbermann, left-wing point man for MSNBC has an audience of only one million viewers is not only laughable, but pathetic! How does MSNBC justify putting this guy on television every night? Today, television news has degenerated into a cesspool of propaganda from both the left and right, each determined to push its view of the world and daily events upon the American public. And this bullshit on OUR airwaves, not theirs!
The Left has an agenda of global socialism with the financial benefits accruing to the poor, in a philosophy of wealth redistribution; but that wealth redistribution never seems to get to the poor as it is siphoned off by bigger government and cradle to grave social programs that eat away at the middle class with more taxes; and more kinds of taxes, to support the massive government that it somehow takes to distribute that wealth: the wealth of the middle class.

Obama Care with 159 NEW offices and agencies is a prime example of that philosophy of incompetence. The primary intent of the left is One World Government, because that is really big government that can “solve” all the world’s ills. Uhh, right! To that end the left has encouraged the invasion of the United States by 30 million latino illegals, primarily Mexican nationals, intending to make them "new Americans" and dissolve the USA into the North American Union, because that is lots bigger government, so it must be lots better government! Yeah, sure. I believe that!
The Right is pushing global fascism where the financial benefits of society accrue to corporations, and the managers and directors that run them. This philosophy is known by the Right as “supply side economics” or the “trickle-down theory”. Somehow, under this approach, prosperity never seems to trickle down to the masses, but the majority of the wealth produced in the country goes to an increasingly smaller percentage of the population. It is more accurately identified as, “corporate welfare”.
Global Fascism pushed by the Right has transferred the American means of production offshore, encouraged “free trade” rather than "fair trade", and has mobilized 30 million latinos to invade the United States to suppress wages, and generate massive amounts of profit for corporations and the managers and directors that run them. This is evidenced by the enormous compensation packages that they reward themselves with whether they deserve it or not. The primary intent of the Right is One World Banking, because really big, "too big to fail banks" can “solve” all of the world’s problems. Uhh, right! I believe that! Don't you?

Ted Koppel
And that brings me back to you, Ted, and Nightline. I was a loyal viewer believing the gospel you generated every night, until one night you dedicated the program to a big issue in Arizona: the pending impeachment of then Arizona Governor, Ed Meachem. Now, Ted, I was never a fan of Ed Meachem, and I didn’t vote for him. It really didn’t matter to me whether he was Governor of Arizona, or wrangled shopping carts at the local Wal-Mart; but I had been following the story locally and I was in possession of the facts. Sadly, you were not. My news hero was totally uninformed but conducted the interviews in the same winning style as he had night after night after night.
That was the day that “real news” died for me, Ted. It was also the day I stopped watching Nightline.

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