Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Atlantis Sinks: Again

The United Nations is holding climate change talks in Cancun Mexico in an attempt to slash greenhouse gas emissions and curtail global warming. Developing nations are seeking to lock industrial nations into a binding protocol from a non-binding agreement that emerged from the Copenhagen Accord in December of last year; in an attempt to establish a second Kyoto time frame and mandate permanent emission cuts by the US and others, beyond 2012.
Atlantis Resort

The United States has refused to accept the Kyoto Protocol because it mandates emission cuts for “rich nations” like the US but does not mandate cuts or freeze emission guidelines for rapidly developing nations like China or India, or even manage the increasing rate of greenhouse gas emission by developing nations. Conventional wisdom is that greenhouse gases cause or contribute to global warming, glacial melt, violent weather patterns, and diminishing polar ice.
Glacial melt in South America, Alaska, and in the Himalayas has been particularly troubling; and the thaw of frozen tundra in the northern latitudes threatens to release enormous amounts of methane gas. Low lying countries like the Marshall Islands, Bangladesh, and many island nations face inundation from rising sea levels; as do the coastal areas of every continent.
The UN is seeking a $100 billion per year fund to attack global warming. Guess who will be asked to pay for it America? You get three guesses. You only need one guess? Good guess!    http://www.shtffood.blogspot.com/

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