Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tea Party Movement Victorious!

The results are in and the tide has turned! America has stepped back from the abyss of socialism. Obama has been stopped dead in his tracks! Tea Party Movement Candidates have won thirty elective offices in the Tuesday, November 2, elections. The monopoly of the two-party system is intact for now, but the Republican Party has been car-jacked by the tea party. A new direction for the Republican Party has begun. A Second American Revolution is underway; a new burst of freedom has begun!

In twelve years, and six more elections, A New America will be established upon this continent.    
An America in which all Americans can take pride: a renewed America with equality, opportunity, freedom, personal liberty, and justice for all citizens. This is the America for which its citizens yearn: with “a government of the people, by the people, and for the people” once more.
This is our opportunity to renew America if the “silent majority” will stand up, speak out, and insist upon the government that Jefferson, Jackson, Franklin, and Washington gave US: not the Global Fascism of George Bush Sr. and Jr.; and not the Global Socialism of Bill Clinton and Barak Obama.

Obama Care Must Be Repealed.
It was the best example possible of the worse legislation imaginable that wasn’t even read by the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, before she crammed it down the throats of America: a blatant example of incompetence and malfeasance in office. She and every representative who voted for it should be charged with a crime.
The American people do not need a government with an additional 159 offices, agencies, and departments feeding at the taxpayer’s trough. Heath care for Americans must be a health care for all Americans, including the members of the House and Senate. Why should they have one health care plan and the rest of America another? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander! Remember 2008? Both Obama and Mccain promised the American people their health care plan! Where the HELL is it?

Illegal Immigration Must Be Stopped And Reversed.
American sovereignty is at stake! Illegals must go home and the border must be sealed! Illegals are a major drain upon the American economy. Those that exploit these people seek to pass the cost of their exploitation on to the American taxpayer and family, to the tune of more than $300 billion every year. And that cost is growing. Mexico must assume its rightful responsibility for feeding, housing, educating, and finding employment for its citizens. They are not the responsibility of the American taxpayer.

New World Order Wars Of Pacification Must End.
American soldiers, families, and taxpayers cannot afford the cost of these wars, in blood or money, to secure the world for the Central Banker Gangsters, who, in collusion with Big Business and Big Brother have plundered the American Treasury and shipped its means of production offshore to impoverish the American middle class. The American military budget must be downsized.

The Increasing Cost of Government Must End.
Government must be reduced in scope. It’s time to roll government back and limit its intrusion into every facet of American life! A flat tax on all individual Americans in lieu of an income tax where EVERYONE pays their fair share is an appropriate change to the tax code. All corporations in America must pay their fair share of taxes too.
Tax incentives and financial grants should be given to individuals to go solar or wind turbine for a zero energy home. This will stimulate the housing market and move America closer to energy independence one rooftop at a time. Why give corporate America massive tax breaks and low interest loans for alternative energy plants and facilities to get rich on the back of taxpayers; and then have these same corporations turn around and increase the cost of OUR energy to US every year? That's just another example of the corporate welfare state that republicans and lobbyists invented. Liberate the American family from energy costs by going solar or wind turbine or both. Plug your electric car into your zero energy home!

America Belongs To US
America, we have the power. We have the vote. We pay the taxes. Its our gold. We Rule! This election is just the beginning. This is our America. Support a patriot. Be a patriot! Get involved at the local level. "Big Mo" is with US, but more importantly, Divine Providence is with US. And Divine Providence will sustain US, if America will honor that Source once again. That is your heritage America, embrace it!

What is good for the American taxpayer and family is good for America: "Lets roll!"

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