Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Chris Matthews Just Doesn't Get It!

Today on MSNBC TV with Andrea Mitchell, (wife of Alan Greenspan former Chairman of the Federal Reserve who created much of the current mess by mismanaging the economy while in office), Chris Matthews charged Obama with acting as an elitist for taking his teleprompter to the Town Hall meetings and talking at the American people rather than listening to them or explaining his actions as President with respect to the economy.

Chris is obviously upset that the America people are "throwing the bums out" on election day and Matthew's dream of a socialist left wing utopia is gone, like Obama's, never to see the light of day in America again for at least one hundred years. With any luck and the grace of Divine Providence, that left wing socialist nightmare will be gone forever.

Chris' major complaint is that Obama has failed to "bring the people along with him" by adequately explaining to the American people that in a recession, government must increase spending and create deficits to bring the country out of the recession and create jobs. Chris believes that Obama doesn't understand that the majority of the rest of the nation hasn't had the benefit of "going to grad school" or they would understand, like he and Obama, that the government must run deficits during a recession.

Chris, you just don't get it!

First of all, the American people have listened to Obummer, and they finally do understand what he is trying to do. And what they understand is that this President and his administration do not have a freaking clue, as to how to revive the economy. Furthermore, like HIS health care plan, they don't want it!

What Obummer fails to understand, and what YOU fail to understand, is that while it is necessary for the government to run deficits to leverage the economy out of recession; those deficits must be by tax reductions to stimulate the private sector to make a profit and create jobs. That is the reason a government must run deficits: because tax incentives, properly structured, generate jobs.

The problem with the Obummer Economic Plan (even if AIG and all the Banksters repay every nickel that they received with interest), is that he has chosen to use the stimulus package to create government jobs, not private sector jobs. Government jobs do not contribute to real GDP growth because government jobs represent an increase in taxes on the American people.

It's Econ 101 Chris. You do not have to go to grad school to understand it. I learned it at a state university as a sophmore in an undergraduate business program. The American worker, taxpayer, and family understand it too.

That is why Obummer is now President in name only. Stick a fork in him Chris, he's done!

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