Monday, December 13, 2010

Goldman Sachs: Bankster Gangster, Cheap Bastards

Thursday’s Wall Street Journal reported that Goldman Sachs, the investment bank at the heart of the financial collapse in 2008 – 2009, is donating $20 million to a network of 1100 non-profit organizations that provide job training and family assistance to wounded veterans. This contribution increases the total amount provided to Goldman Sachs Gives to $212 million since its inception in 2007. The website for Goldman Sachs Gives indicates that its purpose is global philanthropy, to reflect the scope of its business activities.

From The Website
On the surface, that sounds like a generous contribution to America’s finest: the men and women of America who are fighting and dying to protect the spread of the gospel of the New World Order for the benefit of the investment bank that manages and manipulates the finances of the very, very, rich who are working very, very, hard to impose Global Fascism on an unsuspecting world population.
The truth be told: $20 million is fucking chump change for this company!
It’s a very, very, small price to pay to the survivors of the wars to spread unfettered capitalism, and for the lives of American servicemen and women; who have made the ultimate sacrifice for the obscene profits reaped by this despicable, criminal company at the expense of the American people: too small a price. Way too small.
Try $20 billion you cheap fucking bastards! Happy Hanukah!!!

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