Saturday, November 6, 2010

It's The Economy Stupid!

President Obummer has left for a ten day around the world trip to Germany, India, Indonesia, South Korea, and Japan, labeling this trip as a “jobs” junket in his op-ed in the Saturday New York Times, he wrote:

Obummer To India
"It can be tempting, in times of economic difficulty, to turn inward, away from trade and commerce with other nations. But in our interconnected world, that is not a path to growth, and that is not a path to jobs," the President wrote. "We cannot be shut out of these markets."

His first stop will be in Germany to refuel. Hopefully he will get a clue, take a short course on economics while he is there, and follow the example of the German government, to understand how to manage the US Economy.  Just don’t hold your breath. Then it’s on to Mumbai, India’s business and financial center. Previously known as Bombay, it is the NWO sister city of Shanghai, China: modern cities rising from the slums exploiting their cheap labor to the advantage of Big Business and Big Banking the world over, to the detriment of the American and European middle class.
In Indonesia, expect the President to make a grand gesture and promise American taxpayer aid to the Teotwawki ravaged population. The next scheduled business stop will be in Seoul South Korea and a G-20 Financial Conference where he will no doubt, jaw bone participants to continue purchasing US Government securities; assuring them that American deficits are manageable. Yeah, right. Then its on to Japan for security talks. Finally, SHTF America expects a stop in Hawaii for a friendly audience in his home state as the President completes a non existant victory lap. No birth certificate necessary!
He is likely to announce the signing of a major Boeing Aircraft sale to India, and it is also likely that he will sign a major arms deal with the Indian Government for advanced aircraft and other armament, as India is concerned about US military aid to Pakistan to keep Al Qaeda in check there. These deals were likely confirmed before his trip and will be sealed while on the trip to give the American President a major “victory” in international politics after being massively repudiated at home in his midterm election fiasco.
Obummer says he is open to “any idea, any proposal” to revive the American economy still comatose with an official unemployment rate of  9.6% after two years and $787 billion in taxpayer funds. Here’s one, Mr. President: Resign!
Forrest Gump said it best: “Stupid is as Stupid does!”

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