Thursday, December 16, 2010

SETI: Life Imitates Art

Intelligence provided to SHTF America reveals that the American government has received and “decoded” an extra-terrestrial message from an intelligent civilization beyond our solar system.

The American government has received and "decoded" an extra-terrestrial message from an intelligent civilization beyond our solar system.

That revelation should come as no surprise to anyone who has estimated the number of intelligent civilizations which must exist, if only on a statistical basis as formulated by the Drake Equation; or for those of you who have watched Star Trek. :-)
Remember the movie Contact starring Jodie Foster? Life imitates art. While our top scientists are overjoyed, our government is concerned; as they should be, that’s their job. This message was received within the past year or so and readers may remember that, initially, the “spike” was reported briefly (very briefly) in the press, but was dismissed quickly in the Lame Stream Media as an anomaly.
UFO Over Belgium 1990
SHTF America suspected something new was in the works earlier this year, when the Vatican, who supports its own observatory, announced its belief that intelligent life might exist elsewhere in the universe, but of course any life would fall under God’s dominion; meaning the Church.

This statement was from an organization that had pushed its earth centric view of life for millennia upon the sheeple, and burned free thinkers advocating cosmic pluralism at the stake during the Inquisition.  It raised our eyebrows at the time and we made a mental note of it. In retrospect, the word was obviously passed to the Vatican by American scientists and/or officials in the know.
This intelligence was prompted by our recent articles King of Mars and The Drake Equation and it comes as no surprise to the people of the world who have witnessed UFO's themselves, like the Phoenix Lights, or have seen verifiable reports and photos of UFO’s over every nation of the Earth.

Readers should remember that SHTF America broke the change in strategy of Iran after more than a year without talks; weeks before the WSJ. Remember also that SHTF America broke the story of American Guns To Mexico, weeks before the Washington Post published the results of their year long investigation into gun running to Mexico, but then, they didn't grasp the importance of Hispanic American Custom Manufacturers to the problem.
Just recently, a major airport in China was closed to air traffic due to a huge UFO hovering over the runways. Do ya think that UFO was trying to make a point? You bet’cha! We are not alone in the universe and "they" whoever they are; are much more technologically advanced than US; by a long shot! They are also benign so it is not likely that the TSA will find menus in their baggage if they land that read: "To Serve Man". Shades of the Twilight Zone!

Evidently ET managed to phone home. SHTF America is just surprised that he reported intelligent life on Earth. (If he did!)

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